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    The everything Aviator thread.

    I fixed the sunroof leak. Small hands are beneficial. I scraped the hell out of mine. Just follow the tube and you will see where it needs to go. I'm working on the tpms error. Any suggestions? Also I only have one key, do I have to go to the lincoln dealer?
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    The everything Aviator thread.

    Thanks for the replies. The trim is definitely dirty/stained in spots. I'm thinking of removing it, stripping the paint and respraying. I am also going to take the wheels down to bare aluminum, primer, paint, and clear coat. I've done it before on other cars with alloy wheels and it has turned...
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    The everything Aviator thread.

    New aviator owner Hi guys and girls, I have posted for my sporttrac, which I still have and love. Today my wife and I bought a 2004 aviator. It's the ultimate and I was wondering if you could help answer a few questions. 1. How do you clean the silver/stainless looking trim that is all over...
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    High speed wobble

    Thanks for the sway bar suggestion. I had checked all connections, just did check the tires. I put new tires on and it's all good. Great set of firestones for 500 installed at tires plus. Everything can be negotiated.
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    High speed wobble

    I'm following up on this post in case anyone has similar issues. I drove to PA (100 miles) and had an ok drive. I got about 3 miles from my destination and the truck started doing weird things. Every time I turned left it felt like I was in a severe under steer/sliding. I finally took it to a...
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    Steering wheel

    The foam separated from the metal at the 12 o'clock position on my steering wheel. I have read a lot of previous posts with varying suggestions. I can't seem to weed through them. I'm debating between a steering wheel wrap and a used steering wheel. I'm wondering if the steering wheel...
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    Faulty Fuel Gauge

    This just happened to me, I'm trying the fuel treatment first. I just changed my oil, I can't imagine that had anything to do with it.
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    High speed wobble

    Brand new to the board. Thanks for having me. I have a high speed wobble that I can't seem to get a correct diagnosis. When I am moving on a highway or off ramp, if I hit a bump straight on, then no problem. If I hit it slightly turned I get a shake in the steering wheel. Enough that it...