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    OEM Nav From '06 In An 'O3

    if the air controls are the same you should be fine... that box can obviously be relocated to your desire. I have not seen an 06 but have an 03. you can fabricate a custom dash to fit if you have to. as far as the steering wheel controls they can still work as long as the stereo has the...
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    Need Help Asap!!!

    the problem is obviously not the physical wiring around your vehicle. and i highly doubt the speakers are f'ed up if it works with the factory radio. Most all speakers will run at 8 ohms and its unlikely the aftermarket HU your putting in would run differently... unless you wired them to do so...
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    Blank display 2000

    ive seen this before in a 2000 mountaineer my buddy had... obviously equivalent car. he was priced around the same. i dont know or remember if the display was an led display or a bulb lit panel but i think the only way to fix it is A) if its a bulb try and pop that thing open and see B) maybe...
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    space behind third row

    i have an 03 xlt limited... the specs should be the same. just to make sure you mean the space behind the 3rd seat when the seat is folded up right? i should have some time this weekend to measure for you. paul
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    2003 factory amp location?

    hey dudes, i installed my indash tv and hooked all the wiring up. my 03 explorer has an external amp somewhere and i cant find it. i pulled off the rear panel on the passenger side and see the factory sub, and its amp... small silver box with heat sinks. i unplugged that b/c its useless...
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    replacing mach HU with aftermarket

    As brad said you can sell your factory stuff however, if you ever plan to sell the car in the future I would highly recommend keeping them. Unless you want to sell your car with all that new stuff in it. Again i would also say dont keep your old sub... just get a new one if you can afford it...
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    Another Wiring Question- 20 Pin Connector

    I have the same harness on my car however not all the same pins are used. Honestly, the easiest thing to do is go to Circuit City or Best Buy and buy a harness that plugs into those three male connectors. On the back of the package it tells you what every wire is. I think the harness is like...
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    Power Draw, Battery Dying, Help Please

    theres no aftermarket alarm or remote start... just the tv in the dash, and the sub system in the back. Like drew said i will start by hooking up my meter to the battery and pull fuses, watching for the problem... i guarantee that if the radio fuse pulls and the problem is gone, it wont help me...
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    Power Draw, Battery Dying, Help Please

    Hey dudes, I recently bought a used 2003 Limited XLT explorer. I had an old '92 XLT and that thing was falling apart. Love the explorers which is why I stuck with them. I am having a problem with my battery dying every few days, especially if the car is started once or twice the time it...