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    Rear pinion seal and diff rebuild

    It's always a good idea to get new U-Bolts anyways.
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    CV Axle Replacement How To (Pictures)

    Normally you don't pull a tie rod, It is possible to mess up an alignment that way. On all of the CV axles I've done (also a fwd import fanatic), I've just popped the lower ball joint up, and the whole knuckle assemble pulls up. Then you pull it out of the trans first and then out of the hub...
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    Alarm system fault

    My 95 Eddie Bauer has been doing that lately on cold mornings. I don't have a key fob or anything. I have to run out and unlock the driver's door to shut it off? Is this waht you are describing? And what would the ECATS connection be?
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    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    I actually run them on my Civic. I like them. I got mine through Summit though.
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    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    Part 4: Reassembly Took a break and grilled a pack of Johnsonville brats and had a couple Diet Cokes. Gave it a good wipe down, removing all the caked dirt and oil And then replaced everything in reverse order. New bolt head is 11/16" Total time including getting parts, and a long lunch...
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    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    Part 3: Sway Bar Repair Kit Remove sway bar end bolts and remove from truck. Head of original bolt has 5/8" head, and 11/16" nut.
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    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    Part 2: Sway Bar to Frame Bushing Disassembly Just pop off the four bolts with the 15mm Socket At least I know it's not Mexican or Chinese made crap
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    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    I don't know if this would be worthy of sticky or not, but I'll post it anyways. Part 1 (Intro and Before Pics): Tools used: - 11/16" deep well socket 1/2" dr. (original bushings are extremely squished) - 11/16" socket 1/2" dr. - 5/8" wrench (for oem sway bar equipment) - 11/16" wrench (for...
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    Squeaky & creaky when its humid

    I have the same problem, and my sway bar bushings are pretty worn. I'm gonna replace them next weekend.
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    New to site from WA

    Looks like I should have read som more. Looks like it will be milder than I expected, with only add-a-leafs and a torsion bar lift. And 31's are just fine.
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    New to site from WA

    We have a 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer:navajo:, 302, AWD, automatic. My gf actually asked me to do a small lift on it. I'm thinking 4" lift and 31"-33" tires. Something mild, similar to what I'm doing with my Scout II. THe Explorer would be a pavement princess. I originally came to the site...