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    Yes we had one child before the explorer (he is 2 now), and another child right after. Now we're paying for preschool, etc.
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    No I already have lowest rate available and my goal was to cut the payments in half. We picked out a fully loaded Kia Sorento 2011
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    No negative equity... Got a Limited w/ sunroof, premium wheels, 301A package, bucket seats, console, and ruby red paint. I just couldn't see paying that for another 4 years, even though I love our Explorer. When we got the car we weren't in we're in tons of it (due to having children...
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    Key Fob Issues

    Oh I haven't seen my new car's keyfob could be worse!
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    Key Fob Issues

    I keep mine in my pocket most of the day...that could explain shorter battery times (if something is pressing a button in my pocket, etc.) I really hate the is way too big and the panic button is too easy to press
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    Key Fob Issues

    So I have had my car now for 15 months. In that time I have had to replace the keyfob batteries 3 times. Unfortunately I can never find the batteries anywhere locally (walmart, cvs, walgreens, rite aid, etc.). I have to order them off of amazon every time
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    We are trading our Explorer in because we cannot afford the payments anymore. I've really enjoyed being a part of this forum and I'll be lurking sometimes to see what I've missed :) We had a lot of issues with our explorer but they were all straightened out during warranty work except for a...
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    Build quality on my 2014 Limited.

    It's more of a crossover nowadays than a SUV. You can store stuff under driver's seat, or under the rear seat. Most of those things look typical to me but those paint problems are unacceptable...that isn't normal for an Explorer
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    Auto close - Moonroof and Windows

    Or you could do nothing... both will achieve the same outcome
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    PIC of second row console

    Doesn't the flex one have an active cooling compartment in it? So maybe not the exact same part, though interchangeable (not the cooling though as there is no wire harness)
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    U.S. driver safety group sues Ford over touch-screen systems

    I agree with 13Sport... the problems will never be fixed until they decide to get rid of Flash. It is a fundamental problem with the underlying foundation and no amount of programming from Ford is going to fix that
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    Removing or Trimming Front Air Deflector / Dam

    I've scraped the heck out of mine several times parking. I looked into replacing it but it was an outrageous cost so I've just left it alone. If it scrapes in the future I don't care because it is already messed up
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    Auto Dim Headlights not working

    I believe the auto-dim lights work off of the camera behind the rearview mirror. There could be something wrong with the camera, or it may not be calibrated properly (That would also affect lane-keeping feature)
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    Accessing cabin fuse box??

    Do you think the cover could just be left off? I'm wondering exactly what the purpose is. My guess is the 2011's did not have it
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    Vehicle Health Report

    I've found the health report to be useless. For example my oil life was 2% and the report says everything is great and no action items
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    Please recommend Cabin Air Filter

    Well my 1998 Honda had one so they have had them for a while. It does help... I've seen leaves, dirt, all kinds of crap in them
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    Accessing cabin fuse box??

    So I've read all the threads and I can actually see the fuse box. The problem is there is a huge cover going over everything and I cannot physically get my hand into the fuse box. Is this a 2013 thing? It is bolted on so doesn't look very easy to remove. I don't even know the purpose of this...
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    Notchy Turn Signal Lever FIX

    I have a 2013 and I can't stand the lever. I'm going to give this a shot one day
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    How to: Notchy Turn Signal Lever FIX

    I have a 2013 and I can't stand the lever. I'm going to give this a shot one day
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    Driver needs rest message

    It is interesting that this feature seems to always be on, whether or not you have enabled lane keeping
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    Jack points

    I honestly don't remember..I just looked for some black metal in the center that was part of the frame
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    Could I get advice from Explorer owners?

    What kind of gas mileage do you get? The best I have gotten in the V6 all highway was 23.. with my mixed highway and city driving I usually get anywhere from 17-21
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    Could I get advice from Explorer owners?

    I'll add to the chorus... don't get the ecoboost. It is underpowered and the gas mileage is only a few MPG better, if that. You'll never get that extra money back
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    Sync Applink?

    I'm pretty sure the non-mft sync vehicles have applink?
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    Sync Applink?

    doesn't mean MFT will ever get applink..