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    Help! Stumped by Trans / Transfer problem

    Hey Dude: just saw this...flashing O/D can be really bad. I had that happen to me, needed a new tranny. total cost 1700 bucks
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    New Owner questions

    Hey there; As far as the Keypad, it may indeed be broken or the code you have is wrong. You will have to double check with ford, if you give them VIN, they can get you the right code. Leaky diff is bad, humming noise means there is not enough lube. You need a rear diff lube job. It may just...
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    Brake lights don't come on unless you press pedal firmly

    I fixed it. The ford techs could not figure it out...not shocked. But the switch's orientation mattered. They had it placed at 90 degree angle from the brake pedal. it has to be inline with the pedal. They tried to tell me that it was my master cylinder or calipers.
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    Engine noise!!! HELP! VIDEO!!

    Sounds like your timing chain guide has bought it. please know that there are 4 chains on the 4.0L v6. I had the same sound, and had the chains done, but ended up rebuilding the entire engine as the cost differential was about 400 bucks.
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    Brake lights don't come on unless you press pedal firmly

    Hi guys: so, it seems that "big red" now has another issues. I noticed that unless I press the brake pedal firmly, the brake lights don't come on. I was stopped by an old dude who told me I had no brake lights, so I got out and checked. Pressed the brake, lights come on. No problem, I...
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    One fix for rear window washer not working

    Hey can you post the pictures again please? I have the same issue and I want to fix it. Thank you very much
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    Mystery Shudder

    Problem found... Seems as though it was a bad plug. I actually checked the plug twice, but could find no fault, however the Ford tech pulled it, tested it and it was "broken" whatever that means. I re-replaced all plugs, and now Big Red runs like a champ.
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    Mystery Shudder

    Hey guys I checked the PCV elbow and it looked fine. The IAC was next on my list, but I took it to a mechanic. He said it looked fine. He did an injector cleaning and vacuum thing to get carbon deposits. But same problem. So, I made an appointment for the dealer. One mechanic said my torque...
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    Mystery Shudder

    Hi guys, I am perplexed in my pursue for a smooth running truck. So when I am at a stop light on the brake, the engine shudders in no pattern what so ever. It runs smooth, the suddenly shudders. it is a mystery to me. Here is what I have done thus far: Engine was rebuilt 20,000 miles ago...
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    timing chain repair

    cost Hello: I paid 2400 all in. It was worth it. The engine is like brand new.
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    timing chain repair

    Hey: So I had to get the timing chains replaced in my 02. Ended up just getting the engine rebuilt for like 400 bucks more. It is expensive and requires the engine to be pulled to get all 4 chains replaced. So, if you are gonna have a shop do it, ask about the difference in price for a...
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    Truck sounds like a diesel

    Marios Auto repair on Classon and Atlantic.
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    Hood and Rear Lift Gate Actuators
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    Hood and Rear Lift Gate Actuators

    Hello: I ordered mine from ebay...27 bucks delivered and installed them in about 4 minutes. Its just a clip. You may want to check out youtube for an instructional video. But its farly easy to do and very cheap.
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    How to: Timing chain replacement on a 2002 explorer 4.0 l

    wow. I just had the whole engine rebuilt when my timing chain started to fail.
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    Truck sounds like a diesel

    yeah...but I supplied the timing chain kit...I bought the kit before I had decided to just do a rebuild so I did not protest the cost.
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    Truck sounds like a diesel

    UPDATE: so, it was a timing chain guide. Seems a brand new one that they put in was defective...though I have my suspicions. The mechanic said "did you give us all the guides in the kit you purchased?" I gave them a complete kit, all guides, tensioners and chains included. I think they lost...
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    2002 4x4 problems

    Here is the update folks...took the advice from here and bought a new control module, and guess what? I have 4x4 again. THANK YOU so much for the advice. I do have a follow up question though, is it normal to hear a whine when you turn? I am thinking I need to get grease put somewhere...just...
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    4x4 problems

    Update: Rock Auto sent me the wrong part...
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    faded gray plastic fender flares on 2002 XLS

    I just use Meguiar's Back to Black 2x per year. The plastic looks great and no need to mask and paint. It works great on all the plastics regardless of color.
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    Flashing O/D, no codes, Cruise works, Help?

    Hello: I may be the messenger with bad news. My o/d light was blinking away as well...Turns out that the Tranny was shot. I had to have it rebuilt. I certainly hope that is not the case with your truck, but it is something to think about.
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    Truck sounds like a diesel

    that is crazy...on a newly rebuilt engine. I think I am going to beat my mechanic with a bat.
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    Truck sounds like a diesel

    the truck is a 4.0l v6. Had the engine rebuilt because the timing chains were going. Was gonna cost me 2000 for just chain replacement. My mechanic told me that the rebuild would be better in the long run.
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    Truck sounds like a diesel

    Hello folks: here is a conundrum. I started my truck last night (30 degrees in NYC), and she fired up with no problems at all. As i parked the truck, I noticed that it was really loud and sounded like a diesel. This concerns me because I spent about 3 grand to rebuild the engine 1500 miles...
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    2002 4x4 problems

    Thanks...I can only guess. LOL