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    2011 ex sony sound system vocals sound muffled

    I have a 2011 ex limited w/ the sony sound system. For some reason vocals have been sounding really muffled. If I play with the balance/fade and push everything towards the way front of the car, it sounds horrible. I have upgraded the front driver/passenger door speakers and tweeters in the...
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    Make AC blow towards face on startup

    Does anyone know how to make the AC/heat blow on the setting that is directed towards your face. I usually like to start my heat by just tapping the + button that is not on the touch screen. This makes the air go through the "auto" vents but I want the air to blow towards my face. I don't...
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    Front end clunk - bushing failure?

    Are the upper strut bearings badly designed or something? I've read on this forum that the replacement motorcraft ones are better than the stock ones. Does anyone know if anyone else manufactures compatible upper strut bearings?
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    Front end clunk - bushing failure?

    I got both lower control arm bushings replaced with moog ones. I also recently had PTU replaced. My ex still is overall clunky when going over uneven roads.
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    PTU Problems

    Looks like I am most likely going to be footing the entire bill for a new ptu out of pocket. Does anyone know where I can get the best price on a new PTU? Dealer wants around $900 I think...
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    PTU Problems

    Does anyone know if a bad PTU would cause front end clunking??
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    PTU Problems

    Has anyone on this forum had their out of warranty car covered with the help of a regional service rep? I brought my car in for clunking and hard shifting way before my powertrain warranty was up but I have no clue if that was related to the PTU... the dealer was never able to fix my problem...
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    PTU Problems

    I'm not sure how long the ptu has been leaking but back when my ex was within the bumper to bumper warranty I brought hard shifting and clunking to their attention multiple times and they could never fix it. Could it be the ptu? Would I have any luck getting a ptu replaced even though I'm out...
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    PTU Problems

    PTU leaking black syrup like oil I just got my ex back from the shop today and was told that my power transfer unit had almost no oil in it and that there was metal in what oil there was left. The shop put 1/2 a quart of oil in it and told me to check if it still leaks. I think I've read that...
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    Pulsating Brakes - 2011 XLT

    I have around 65k miles on my ex and I just put my second set of front rotors on my car. The first time I replaced the rotors with motorcraft ones. This time I'm using raybestos so I hope they last longer. I noticed that my driver side wheel had some smoke coming from it after driving home...
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    Grunt/grind when first accelerating after startup

    My ex emits a noise that can be only be described as a grunt-like noise when first accelerating after turning on the ignition. Pretty much after you turn on the car and first set off there is a grunt. If you are setting off on a downhill grade you can feel and hear a grinding sensation through...
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    ABS wipes rotors when raining?

    I have heard that the ABS applies the brakes gently when it is raining. I can feel my car pull to the passenger side when it is raining periodically.... could the ABS system be overdoing the wipe? This only happens when it is raining FYI and when I am going 30+mph
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    Replace cigarette lighter with dual usb charger

    In the 2016 ex ford seems to have forgone a cigarette lighter in the second row console for a dual usb charger type thing. Does anyone know if I could just buy the dual usb charger part and swap it out with my existing cigarette lighter in my 2011 ex limited?
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    3rd Row Power Button cover / disable switch needed

    Pretty much did what you did.
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    Quality issues

    I agree that it is unfortunate that ford is not remedying known flaws with their cars. I have a 2004 RX lexus and Lexus periodically sends stuff about flaws that I can go to the dealer and get fixed free of charge even though I am way way way out of the warranty coverage. You would think the...
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    Cooled seats: how to tell if a Limited has them?

    Not sure if this is accurate... I think the luxury seating package means that both the diver and passenger seats are fully power adjustable. In the pics if the passenger seat is not fully power adjustable then I don't think there would be cooled seats. Also, I think if there is cooled seats...
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    Thinking of buying a used Explorer. What to look for??

    Check to see the fit between the dash and the door trim on the passenger side if misfit trim bothers you. Also, I would probably take the car over a few speed bumps and over some bumpy roads on a test drive to see if there are any weird suspension noises. Front end suspension noises seem to be...
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    Dealer installed strut mount bracket 180 degress backwards

    The front passenger side of my car has felt like something is loose for a while now. A while ago my dealership replaced the passenger side upper strut mount. Recently, another shop told me that installed the upper strut mount bracket on 180 degrees backwards. The dealer has owned up to their...
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    Dealer broke part of cowl

    The repair was done over 2 years ago when they replaced one of my upper strut mounts under warranty. I'm going to try and get them to fix this cowl piece. Dumb me didn't notice til now.
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    Dual Moon roof Rattle

    Can't say I was surprised due to the fact that my dash, hood, passenger door, trunk and various weatherstripping doesn't exactly fit right on my ex.
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    Dealer broke part of cowl

    Took my ex to the dealer to get a replacement upper strut mount and found out they completely destroyed the clips that hold part of the cowl on to the car. Now there is a distinct rattle when driving on uneven surfaces and I am getting no response whatsoever from the dealer. I could literally...
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    Dual Moon roof Rattle

    I had the "dual moon roof rattle" and brought my ex to the dealer. They quoted me a few thousand dollars to replace the glass piece. Later, I brought to a buddy's repair shop, he took down the magnetically attached headliner and it was obvious that the rattle was caused by there not being...
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    Creaking from driver door area when accelerating

    Has anyone noticed a creaking noise when accelerating? It happens in my 2011 ex and also was happening in a 15 ex that I rented in Florida.
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    2011 Explorer suspension creaking over speed bumps/humps *FIXED*

    Since I am doing this out of warranty I am trying to save some $.... do you think I can get away with just replacing the bushings and not the arms?