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  1. Riceburner247

    Body lift.

    1. Use the search feature to find any threads relating to your problem 2. If you can't find any, make your own thread in the appropriate section.
  2. Riceburner247

    Internal RollCage!!

    I'm a little late to the party, but better late than never. A triangle is the strongest geometric shape, and it appears your cage has none. An "X" behind the front seats will prevent the cage from being mushed to one side in that area. Even one diagonal bar would be sufficient. Adding in a...
  3. Riceburner247

    opening a metal fab shop down the road! interested?

    I agree with these two replies. I've been doing metal fab for years as a hobby, finally went to school for it. Now that I'm out of school with all these enhanced skills, I still cant find a job. Doing rock sliders, extended A-arms, anything I can on the side just to keep my sanity.
  4. Riceburner247

    HELP!!! starter stays on.

    I had an issue with my solenoid mounted on the fender. Sometimes my Ex wouldn't turn over to start. Full power, just no start. Popped the hood, smacked the solenoid with my pocket knife, tried starting it again, fired right up. Went and bought a new solenoid and that was that.
  5. Riceburner247

    Drop Pitman Arm question!!!! ugh!

    I'm running the 5.5" Superlift setup on my 92 4door. I don't know why they don't include a bigger drop pitman arm, the 4" drop isn't enough. I ordered the FA600 and it puts the steering arms right where they should be.
  6. Riceburner247

    gojimsp's New Ho

    Good lord, that's the cleanest looking 1st gen I've seen in a long while. Great condition to start a project with.
  7. Riceburner247

    fiberglass fenders??

    Bump Picking up my rear 7" fiberglass from Fiberwerx in a few days, wanna know what size those are.
  8. Riceburner247

    fiberglass fenders??

    Are those rears the 4" or the 7" flare?
  9. Riceburner247

    Please help, power problem.

    I second this. If that isn't it, then it almost sounds like you're missing a ground somewhere. I just started working as a maintenance mechanic for a company that never had one before. Everyone would fix the equipment however they liked (I.E. - Not the right way). One of the service...
  10. Riceburner247

    Driveline/brake line issues after SOA (please help)

    Those wedges are made to be used between the spring pack and spring perch, your logic is correct. If you're trying to rid vibration due to driveline angle, you need to make sure the angle of the driveline is the same at both U-joints. The angle of the driveline on the transmission end should...
  11. Riceburner247

    Driveline/brake line issues after SOA (please help)

    Haha, although this site is the "go-to place" for explorers, it's not very busy. Give it time. PINION ANGLE If you're looking to adjust the pinion angle, the easiest thing to do would be to pick up adjusting wedges. They go between the spring pack and perch on the axle. I think you can pick...
  12. Riceburner247

    A4LD is grinding in reverse, and won't engage.

    Same thing happened to me, but I remedied the situation by swapping in a new one. Never bothered to find out what happened. It would act like it was in Neutral until it was fully warmed up. Had to install a remote start system so I could leave in the morning, haha.
  13. Riceburner247

    High Flow Exhaust Overhaul

    I'm more interested in this "ignition system flush". Need to get rid of my pinging.
  14. Riceburner247

    Help with fuel mileage

  15. Riceburner247

    Help with fuel mileage

    I would go with the electric fan and cold air intake, you'll get the most out of those two. I noticed a couple MPG gain when I did the electric fan alone.
  16. Riceburner247

    h.i.d conversion

    And I agree with you on the idiots. IMO, HIDs ARE a better source of light. However, if they are not in the correct housing they are more detrimental than helpful. People SHOULD be fined for using aftermarket HIDs in housings designed for incandescent bulbs, that's the stupidest thing I've...
  17. Riceburner247

    h.i.d conversion

    You guys also know that aftermarket cold air intakes are "For off road use only", right? Pretty much anything aftermarket you put on your vehicle nowadays is illegal, that doesn't mean it isn't safe. OP, to answer your question: If the bulbs you have are actual HID bulbs, you WILL need the...
  18. Riceburner247

    Warn Hubs and Torquing Wheel Bearings

    Lol, 33's with 3.75" offset here. I tighten the inner so that there is a slight drag, then tighten the outer using my 1/2 drive impact gun on the highest setting. Done this procedure so many times now, it's like clockwork.
  19. Riceburner247

    June Invasion! 12th & 13th

    Hmm, debating whether or not this would be a good idea for me. Paul is interested in my '77 bronco axle and this way I would be able to deliver it to him. On the other hand, this would be a looong trip from Bend, OR. Anyone have pics of the trails you'll be running?
  20. Riceburner247

    BRAKES ON 94 Explorer 4x4

    This probably isn't the issue, but I feel it's worth mentioning. For the past 2 years my brake pedal pressure had been getting worse, to the point where I would have to pump the brake around town. I chalked it up to the front end parts wearing out because of my lift. Nope. The vacuum line...
  21. Riceburner247

    Show us your custom bumpers!!

    Bumper I built a couple months ago. Bumper is 1/4", Tubing is 1/8".
  22. Riceburner247

    WTB: EB Dana 44 Front Axle

    Sorry guys, didn't know there were more people interested. For $150 I'd drive it up to Portland for ya. I'll see if I can get some pics tomorrow. Paul has first dibs on this thing, but if anyone else is interested let me know.
  23. Riceburner247

    WTB: EB Dana 44 Front Axle

    PM replied. And if anyone else is wondering, it does have disc brakes.
  24. Riceburner247

    WTB: EB Dana 44 Front Axle

    I have a '77 Bronco D44 sitting in my garage that I'm never going to use. Bought it and then found an entire 79 Bronco for salvage the next weekend. I'm in Central Oregon but my parents live in Portland, so I could meet you there. Let me know.