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    Solved P0171 code, fuel pump? thoughts comments?

    I had the PO171 for a few months. Turned out to be a very loose spark plug at #2 . Tighteded the plug and no problem since.
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    Advice - 99 5.0/AWD or 00 4.0 sohc 4wd??

    Personally i like the low km but the 2 door is shorter and will ride a bit more rough. Both drivetrains are solid. Either one will probably be OK for a few years. But in your shoes the answer is straight forward. Which one does your wife like?
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    MAF question

    95-2000 Explorer XL 4.0 OHV. I did a couple of things to my intake that made a big, big difference. 1. Ground down the throttle body shaft on the butterfly. There is a thread on doing it. 2. I found that a MAF from a 95 Lincoln 5.0L was bigger and was a bolt on- no mods. The plus was that I...
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    Question about Brown Wire Mod

    I did the BWM on my 97 about 3 years ago. With the switch off you will have 2WD no matter the dash switch position. Interesting enough when I select Low 4WD I get the lower range on the rear wheels only. Yes, I can go from Auto to 4WD and back again on the fly. Simply stated, the BWM does not...
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    Brown wire mod?

    I did the brown wire mod about three years ago. At the time, my 4x4 dash light kept flashing every couple of minutes. I did the brown wire mod and the when in 2wd the lights didn't flash anymore. The real problem was my GEM computer and TOD relay. The GEM normally has to be recomputed by a Ford...
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    Power and Gas Mileage

    Parts came from a 4.0 OHV. Sorry no pics yet - gotta get my camera working. Looks very stock though.
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    Power and Gas Mileage

    I shall try, will take a few days for me to get to it.
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    Power and Gas Mileage

    I have a 97 XL with 4.0 L OHV engine. Only mod is the Brown Wire Mod for the 4 x 4 and I use the truck in 2 wheel drive most of the time. I wanted a bit more power and better gas mileage so I started tinkering with an idea. The 97 Explorer came with the round air cleaner. I went to an auto...
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    4 hi 4 lo Indicator lamp flash

    4x4 Flashing Lights I had the same problem with my 97 Explorer. Lights flashed six times every few minutes. I had to replace the GEM (module behind the radio console). The GEM is expensive for a new one and only a dealer can calibrate the system correctly. The problem could be the TOD relay...
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    Dare I Ask? Correct Tire Pressure for a 1997 Explorer

    Tire Pressures 97 Explorer with 235/75 R15 LT tires, 67000 miles. The door sticker on my 97 XL says 26psi, but I always thought it was too low. I found that if I run with 30-32 psi I get normal and even tire wear. If your tires are wearing more on the outside of the tires than the center of...
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    Bad gas mileage?

    My bet is on the plugs and wires. My mileage improved 20% when I changed them. There was 60,000 miles on the original plugs in my 97. The old plugs looked like normal wear except two had significant fuel additive buildup around the electrodes. New plugs Improved my power and hot restart quite a...
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    Snapped caliper do I remove it?

    Broken Caliper Bolt Can be an ugly process. The only way I know is to drill it out. Might get away with drilling a pilot hole in the broken bolt and then use an "easy out". Heat from a propane torch will help. In the long run it might be just as easy to replace the part.
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    6 time flashing 4WD lights

    Flashing 4x4 lights I had EXACTLY the same situation with my 97 XL, 4.0L OHV, 112,000 KM (67,000 miles). I took out the 4x4 shift motor and it was OK. Just cleaned it up a bit and put it back in. Cleaned the two speed sensors at the same time. Still the same flashing lights, especially when...
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    Rear Hatch Handle Issues

    There is a small pop off cover with the door lock sticking out of it. Pop out the cover with a small screwdriver (carefully!). Look down the hole and you will see one lonely screw that holds the rear door trim.
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    Driver Side Door Lock Problems!!

    I had the same lock problem on my 97 Explorer. On mine a return spring inside the latch mechanism broke. Looked like I might have to put in a new latch. With the door panel off, I kept locking and unlockin the door key until it "jammed" again. By moving the control rod between the door handle...
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    97 4X4 Panel Lights

    I have an intermittent problem on my 97 XL. Occassionally (not all trips) the "4X4" and "4X4 Low" instrument panel lights will come on and flash six times. It continues about every two minutes and the cycle will continue until I turn off the Explorer. Next time I start it up it might or might...
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    That Darn Blend door!

    I had full heat and no control over it. I tried the quick fix with the nail through the "D" post on the blend motor. It worked once or twice and then only partial control of heat available. Took it apart again and the finishing nail was severely bent. The view throught the mirror down into the...
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    How to: Rebuild 4X4 Shift Motor

    4 X 4 Shift Motor Rebuild Re: Brians Fix. My 97 explorer wouldn't shift into 4x4 low. I followed your directions, removed and stripped down the shift assembly and found my commutator and brushes dirty from time and use. Cleaned everything up and slammed it back together. Transfer case works...