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    Need help with v8 5.0 starter r&r & belt

    Yes you can use a shorter belt to bypass the compressor, I had to use one temporarily earlier this year. You need an 83.5" belt - 835K6 should be the part number. I can't help you on the starter issue, never had to touch mine.
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    end of the road for my ex

    Sorry to hear the news. Maybe you should try to sell it on Craigslist - even if you only get the same $600 that the junkyard will give you at least the Explorer will have a chance to live on...
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    Gibson Exhaust question

    I didn't bother calling them about it so I couldn't tell you how their customer service is. I've had it about 5 or 6 years, it has held up well.
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    Gibson Exhaust question

    I have a Gibson catback on my 1998 5.0 and it fit like **** as well. I ended up taking it to an exhaust shop and had them rebend the tailpipe section and also flip the muffler flange around 180 degrees - the way the flange was welded originally made the muffler hang extremely low. I couldn't...
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    Hi All...door locks won't Try this ^. I just fixed the same problem with mine and did a quick write up.
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    Door wont unlock only opens from inside

    Sorry it took so long but here you go - I hope it works out!
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    Write Up - Door won't unlock? Quick and Free Fix!!!

    I ran into this problem a little over month ago. I was leaving the gym and hit the button on the remote to unlock the doors, heard the normal clunking sound but when I pulled the door handle nothing happened! Driver's door was still locked! Hit the button a million more times and watched the...
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    Door wont unlock only opens from inside

    I had this same issue with my Explorer about a month ago and fixed it pretty easily. I was going to try the spring fix like koda2000 just showed but was able to find another way to fix it. I planned on doing a quick write-up and took pictures but just haven't had the chance, I'll try to do the...
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    Connection to Condenser

    No o-ring goes behind the spring. It will seal with just the two in front of it.
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    Upper control arm help

    The last time I did mine I actually attached the upper control arm to the knuckle FIRST then bolted the upper control arm to the frame. If you do it the other way it's sometimes difficult to get the ball joint stud at the correct angle to go into the knuckle.
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    Ignition Coil test

    Also you can try swapping the coils around, if the misfires moves to another pair of cylinders then you know the coil is bad.
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    5.0 AWD fuel economy

    It tells me that somebody got fired that day :D
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    Going to larger wheels

    The larger wheels from later generation Explorers have too much positive offset, you would need to use wheels spacers or it would look funny in my opinion.
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    2000 V8 Explorer fuel injectors

    ^ This. It would suck to replace your injectors just to find out they weren't the problem. How is your Explorer acting to lead you to believe it's the injectors?
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    Walking Dead - 1999 Explorer 4x4 XLT (174K) - PICS

    A) Yes it's a good deal, if that's $115 total for all 4 tires. B) All depends on your plans but that's a good idea. C) No, those tires are close to 35" tall, you'll need a lot more than a BL/TT D) I think you could make a decent profit flipping them.
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    Free Ford OBD II software

    All I did was spray some graphite lock lubricant in the ignition, I figured it was the key sticking or something similar. The problem wasn't a big deal, the only symptom I had is when it was REALLY cold outside the door chime would occasionally give one really long...
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    Free Ford OBD II software

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I just downloaded it and tried it out with my cheapo $10 ELM cable from eBay. Looks like I have a couple stored codes that didn't show up with my other OBDII software - 1. B1352 Ignition Key In Circuit Fault 2. B1942 Air Bag Crash Sensor #2 Feed/Return...
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    **EMERGENCY** Transmission Help

    Ford makes a friction modifier that I have used in my transmission (4r70w) due to torque converter shudder, works great for me but since you have a different problem I'm not sure if it will do the same for you. Here's the info on the friction modifier, just buy it at the dealership -...
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    Help - Issues with Ford OEM Hood!!!

    If you went through insurance then contact the insurance company and advise them you are not satisfied with the job the shop did. Your vehicle is supposed to be returned to pre-accident condition and if they replaced the hood with one that isn't straight then the insurance company should make...
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    helicopter noise in 1-2-D-R trans position

    Check the torque converter to flywheel bolts, they may have loosened and can cause the noise you describe.
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    Battery will not charge-1999 Ford Explorer Limited V8 AWD

    Check your battery cables to see if they are corroded and check your grounds as well. Either one could cause problems like you describe. Also don't forget that most auto parts stores can check the alternator/battery/starter for free to verify their condition.
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    99 explorer stuck in 4wd Low, blinking 4wd lights and o/d light

    This is completely unrelated to your problem and I'm certainly sorry I can't help with it but do me a favor and post a pic or two of the new tires, I have been thinking about getting those same tires in that same size and would love to see how they look on an Explorer...
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    Front end and steering wheel shakes after fuel pump installation

    I'm thinking while they had the Explorer up in the air on a lift or on jackstands they must have turned the steering wheel for some reason, that lets air into the power steering system and causes a pretty bad shake while turning. It's a pretty common thing that happens when replacing front end...
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    Bad MPG on 98 EB V8 AWD

    Have you or anyone disputing the tip actually tried it? It works. It worked for me, worked for others on the board, works on other vehicles. It's all pretty well known trick. Stop theorizing and try it. Oh and while I'm not an expert at metallurgy I'm pretty sure ALL metal expands when heated....