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  1. red.EDDIE.4x4

    93 Eddie Bauer build

    Heck yeah! Glad we could make it happen buddy. Maybe ill have to stick around now and watch more build progress lol
  2. red.EDDIE.4x4

    Left vents blow hot - Right vents blow cold???

    subscribing. i am about to work on an 04 with the same issue as the original post. drivers side is blowing HOT and the passenger side is blowing COLD. my best guess so far is the blendoor motor failure under the dash. anybody know which one controls the heat/cold function?
  3. red.EDDIE.4x4

    3" wheel spacers?

    with my personal experience, a wheel spacer of that extreme width will do a number on your wheel bearings and can also put unnecessary strain on your lug studs. thus i personally am against wheel spacers any more than 1.5" some people have had good experiences with wheel spacers, but 3" seems a...
  4. red.EDDIE.4x4

    First Gen stuff for sale

    my 1st gen is for sale. need it gone NOW. check my signature for a link.
  5. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    Thanks for the kind words. mr. cribb and i have been going back and forth on what to do, but i decided last night to try and sell it first. if it doesnt sell, then i'll sell Jeremy (mr.cribb) my lift and anything else he wants. Sorry you had to find out this way Jeremy, my phone has been acting up.
  6. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    still an arm and a leg... thanks for the link Jeremy. after driving it for the past few weeks with 4.10s, i think i may jump ship and try 4.56's. with 33s, on the highway it feels like my engine is almost bogging at 65 mph. and my rpms are somewhere just under 2000, which is not the...
  7. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    yes it was, thankfully they will allow me to return them due to the site saying the gears will fit. however they will not fit. sadly the cheapest set i can find are yukon and are about $350... if you ever see the axle code D2 or 42 feel free to pull the front pumpkin. ill paypal you or somethin
  8. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    minor update... after sitting and being neglected for a few years, i decided to make the old exploder a daily driver again. first i went ahead and tracked down a set of 4.10 gears for the rear end to make it more highway friendly and ended up trading my old 4.88s to the guy who did the work...
  9. red.EDDIE.4x4

    WANTED! Dana 35 TTB reverse rotation 4.10 or 4.11

    id like to believe, that out of all of us Ford Explorer enthusiasts, that SOMEBODY has a set of gears i can purchase from them. I have cash in hand...paypal ready. name your (reasonable) price
  10. red.EDDIE.4x4

    WANTED! Dana 35 TTB reverse rotation 4.10 or 4.11

    Like the title says, I am in need of a Dana 35 ttb (reverse rotation/reverse cut) ring and pinion - either 4.10 ratio or 4.11 (they make both) please message me or reply to this thread. Paypal ready. Thanks, Tyler Red.ED :salute:
  11. red.EDDIE.4x4

    4.10 and 4.11

    I know this thread has been dead for is 6 years, but i stumbled onto this and would like to clear something up for anybody who reads this in the future. The difference from 4.10 to 4.11 is .01, while in 4x4 and off road (or even on road for that matter) this will not be noticeable at all...
  12. red.EDDIE.4x4

    converting a4ld from 2wd to 4wd

    ive got an electric t case in good shape. no shift motor tho... 40 bucks and you pay shipping and its yours
  13. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    You got it bro. Just let me know a little in advance and I can help out. should just take a day
  14. red.EDDIE.4x4

    CloggedCat and Melted Intake Manifold

    i have not personally used Walker exhaust products. however, i have used Pacesetter cats and i was very less than pleased. the catalytic material crumbled and 2 months later i was back in the same boat. had to strangle auto parts warehouse to return the faulty catalytic converter, since then i...
  15. red.EDDIE.4x4

    hey there!

    HI! and welcome to the forums!
  16. red.EDDIE.4x4

    anyone replaced coil springs with moogs to restore the ride height and add washers?

    IMHO, aftermarket parts store springs tend to have decent ride quality, but horrable longevity in comparison to the OEM springs. especially factory replacement springs. my suggestion, is that if you are looking for a little bit of lift to comfortably clear the tires and achieve a more...
  17. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    ive got a bear lights out i like to shoot from time to time.
  18. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    NO MORE SMOKE!! Gotta love it when things go as planned. First start and she fired right up. Zero problems and no more oil consumption. In the meantime I will be on the hunt for 4.10 or 4.11 gears to swap out. This will be my daily again, now my 1991 turbo awd Talon be the autocross car. Stay...
  19. red.EDDIE.4x4

    WTT my 4.88's for your 4.10's

    BUMP! the offer is still available, i am willing to trade my front pumpkin with 4.88 gears as well as my rear end ring and pinion for a set of 4.10 or 4.11 gears. or for the right price/deal, both axles as a whole. willing to negotiate, i just need a better highway gear for 33s. these would...
  20. red.EDDIE.4x4

    red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

    IT HAS STARTED! as some of you may know, i have been having oil consumption issues for the last 10k miles of my engine rebuild. the rebuild only has about 25k on it now. due to symptoms i determined that my valve guide seals became worn out due to my rocker arms not sitting flush over the...
  21. red.EDDIE.4x4

    soa ?

    that my friend has been the issue with people for YEARS. In order to match the front, you will have to do some serious front end fabrication. No bolt on bracket lift will give you the required amount to match the rear. leaving you with one of two choices, 1. to cut and turn-extend your twin...
  22. red.EDDIE.4x4

    4x4 dash light fix after 1354E to 1354M swap

    http:// This is what I used when I wired up my lights after going from electric to manual. Good luck man
  23. red.EDDIE.4x4

    WTT my 4.88's for your 4.10's

    the 8.8 gears im not too concerned about. my local pick and pull has tons of them. what i am more interested in are the dana 35 ttb gears seeing as those are somewhat difficult to find. i figured theres gotta be somebody out there who wants to upgrade and trade set for set and it would be...
  24. red.EDDIE.4x4

    WTT my 4.88's for your 4.10's

    so nobody really wants to trade my set of 4.88's for your set of 4.10's (or 4.11's)? id be willing to do straight trade if they are in good condition. mine are in great shape. fluids changed regularly and not abused.