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    Ford ESP at dealer cost to forum members

    Picked up a new leftover 17 Sport today, I didn't let the dealer sell me a plan but interested in looking into it can you send me the info, please
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    I'm back

    traded the 13 Sport for my 150, picked this up today.
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    New (Old) Member

    Welcome Back
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    2000 v8 explorer oil change

    I love the "Cardboard Creeper.
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    Oil analysis, 14 Sport w/ 28k miles.

    :). If you ever want to try the good stuff let me know. I'll hook you up on pricing :us::us:
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    For Sale Buy AMSOIL at Wholesale

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    Oil analysis, 14 Sport w/ 28k miles.

    C'mon now, Look at my Signature... I run AMSOIL Signature Series 5/30 ---> and their EAO17 oil filter I have 60,000 miles on mine I try to...
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    Oil analysis, 14 Sport w/ 28k miles.

    More fuel, but less wear metals. (Copper ,iron aluminum ) Even with a 11,000 mile oil change interval on the sample from May... My wife likes to sit and idle. That is suppose to contribute to fuel dilution. Mine is tuned and I have been running the 93 tune. So I am using 93 octane fuel...
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    Sport Oil questions & Analysis

    Mine is a 2013 sport I ran that 1 sample past 10k just to see how the TBN would hold up and to see exactly when fuel dilution would come into play. Posting from my phone. I'll look at the report again on my computer later today.
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    new member

    Welcome Good luck with the project.
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    New Member

    Welcome Fellow illinoisan Also if you want a hook up on AMSOIL, I can help you.
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    Increase MPG

    I'll add 2 comments then unsubscribe from notifications. I too have better things to do than argue in the Internet. 1. Most people who do not like AMSOIL have never used it. They may of heard a story from their next door neighbors brothers old roommate. 2 AMSOIL is more readily...
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    Increase MPG

    a 2000 mustang came with 90 wt 140 came later... 100:1 has lots of gains if it can be done less smoke ,less emissions better performance at that ratio. when it came out (in the 80's)2 stroke boat owners even noticed they would get more rpm's This is from Stihl's own test...
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    Increase MPG

    Yes I am. I became a dealer after using the products. I'm also a explorer forum vendor(that is why my screen name is green) Any other questions. Besides. AMSOIL gear oil is very price competive compared to other synthetic gear oils since you can get it factory direct.
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    Increase MPG

    My wifes 2000 V6 mustang picked up 1 solid MPG when we switched to AMSOIL severe gear.(not bad for 2 qt of gear oil) Please do not discount how a top tier fluid will help fuel economy.
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    pre lube and centrifugal engine oil filters

    That is quite the filter set up 2000StreetRod.. You can buy a complete Bypass filter set up from AMSOIL You change the regular filter every oil change, and the bypass every other change. A regular oil filter is 20 micron, The Bypass are 1-2 micron filters I have a customer with...
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    transfer case oil XL-12?

    Here is the look up for a 2008 Explorer It takes this fluid...
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    Engine Flushing (oil) Recommendations?

    I'm as Active as it gets... I'm also a ExplorerForum vendor.:exp: I service all 50 states and Canada. I can help you with everything from product selection to obtaining a wholesale account. Feel free to pm me on here or send me a email
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    Engine Flushing (oil) Recommendations?

    The Chevron is a good product, We used it in the trucks when I worked at ExxonMobil ( That is saying something...) But I really like the AMSOIL PI it is one of my...
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    Engine Flushing (oil) Recommendations?

    Yep, you pour it into the old oil, idle engine 15 min, then change oil as normal. Super easy. A few years ago my friend was a skeptic, so we changed the oil in his honda civic with some cheap oil , poured the flush into the new oil, ran it 15 min. The oil that came out 15 min later looked...
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    Engine Flushing (oil) Recommendations?

    Here is before and After on a customers car using the AMSOIL Engine & Trans flush After.... Here is the link to the product Not Bad for $10
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    3.5 EcoBoost Extended Idling

    I ran my last sample of AMSOIL Sig series 11,000 miles with some idleing. The Fuel dilution was just @ 2%
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    Foglights on '15 sport

    Some Cars there is a mod that can be done to change that, on my old focus only a small jumper wire was needed.
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    royal purple ATF ?

    If you want AMSOIL, I can help you get dealer pricing. send me a email