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    2006 Explorer transmission problems?

    I also have the 2006 Ford Explorer Limited with the 4.6L engine. I have done one transmission fluid change and it's an easy job. Don't let someone try to sell you on the idea of a transmission flush. Drop the pan change the fluid and the the filter. Only use the recommended Motorcraft...
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    I finally did the 4.6L V8 spark plugs!!

    Whatever you do, do not buy replacement pigtail connectors at the dealer. I recently replaced a two wire connector for the fuel injector on 3.8 2001 Mustang and local dealer wanted 46.00 for one plug. I bought two of them on Ebay for 6.00. As suggested, 8 connectors on Amazon is a better...
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    Hesitation/jerking problem

    It's hard to believe, but spark plugs (misfire) have caused one to think they have transmission issues. #4 and #8 spark plugs are most likely the ones to check first. Sometimes after heavy rains, water leaks through the cowl at the base of the windshield and runs down into the sparkplug wells...
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    Just put a deposit down on an 06 Eddie Bauer. What should I know?

    Some of the most common issues with this year of Explorer have already been mentioned. Exhaust manifold broken studs, #1 cylinder passenger side because of the shock tower. Radiators are common to leak and are easy to check by checking underneath and looking for signs of white powder like...
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    08 Explorer V8 transmission issue

    As others have posted, check plugs and coils first for moisture or water in plug well. I had the same problem and suspected it was a transmission issue, but turned out to be a misfire on #8 cylinder. #8 and #4 cylinder will at times get water in plug well from heavy rain or washing the car...
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    Navigation DVD Incompatible Disk Error

    At it's best, the factory GPS when working is a very poor system. Buy a Garmin, which easier to use, more accurate, better resolution and many have free lifetime map updates. Cost for about 200-300.00.