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  1. VegasRick

    Coil Pack

    Would a coil pack from a 2005 4.0 liter work on 2002 4.0 liter, they look the same physically and the plug connector appears to be identical. Any help is appreciated.
  2. VegasRick

    Multiple Codes - Cannot Diagnose - Please Help!!

    I know this post is 11 years old but just wondering if the replacing of coil packs did anything, I still see the misfires that were on the pending list.
  3. VegasRick

    Comment by 'VegasRick' in media 'Screenshot_20191106-212948(1)'

    Any chance you give me the tire size?
  4. VegasRick

    Aftermarket Headlights on Ebay 2002 Explorer

    Wondering if anyone has purchased a set of these off of Ebay, if so we’re they “true” projector or not? Thanks in advance!
  5. VegasRick

    How to install cabin air filter [PICTURES]

    Could only Imagine what that evaporator looks like! 😱
  6. VegasRick

    Comment by 'VegasRick' in media 'Screenshot_20191106-212948(1)'

    Hey Rod, clean looking explorer! Was hoping to get the info on the tires and rims, size of tire, rim, rim offset, manufacturer? Thanks!
  7. CEB9B80C-1D97-481C-A9B1-8C6216B9C9C3.jpeg


    Have had this since 2004, wife finally decided she wanted a new car so I received her “hand me down.” Looking to mod it up. 2002 - 4.0 - 2wd - XLS
  8. VegasRick

    New motor time