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    4.0 Exhaust Clip Thread !

    The cones on the ends of the muffler separated from the muffler body itself. They then got too rusted to weld back on to the muffler body. The exhaust shop I brought it too said they have seen this happen 3 or 4 times. I honestly don't have a clue what kind of IMCO it is, I have been wondering...
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    4.0 Exhaust Clip Thread !

    IMCO performance muffler to replace my broken Magnaflow.
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    Don't tow like this.... This is one of the best things I have seen in a while. Hope it isn't a repost. You may have to click on it a few times to get it to go. :D
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    Goodyear or BFG

    I love my BFG ATs. From what you are saying, it seems you don't really need MTs but I may be wrong. My ATs do awesome in the snow, rain, and the mud I have been in so far. If you aren't doing anything real serious they are good. I know a lot of people reccomend the Dueler ATs. Another tire...
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    '99 5.0 into a '97 4.0

    Have fun! I hope to do this some day when my 4.0L dies or I find myself rich all of a sudden. Since your truck is a '97 4x4 like mine, maybe I can learn something.
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    brush guard or bull bar, help me pick!!!!!

    (dead links) Mine's a second gen but you can kind of get the idea of what a bull guard might look like and with lights also. It mounts to the bumper, which isn't ideal but it does what I need it to and it looks nice IMO.
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    How bout some Exuast

    I had the option of getting a custom Flowmaster 50 series system for about $250 so you could probably find something similar. I ended up getting the Magnaflow system for $300 so I guess that could be an option as well. I would personally go with the Flowmaster since a lot of people vouch for...
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    Raising the Rear There's a link for you. They might be cheaper somewhere else.
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    Awesome! I can't wait for pics! :D
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    Westin Safari Bar

    Thats very nice and clean. I thought about doing that for my KC switch, I might still. For now its just down by my pedals.
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    lug patterns?!?!

    Are all Explorers 5x4.5?
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    Nice Brakes!!

    Seconded. :D
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    Yeah, the only reason I run 92 is because of the chip. Should throw in some fuel injector cleaner once in a while though.
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    Another 1997 XLT

    Well, I don't think many people have seen mine. Link below to my car domain page.
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    '95-'97 or '98-'01

    I like the 2nd gens in general but I like the newer rear hatch of the 2nd gen 2nd gen if you will. :D
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    Ford Radio Removal Tool

    Guy at Circuit City pulled out mine for free. I thought it was a nice gesture since I did the entire install myself. Probably would have grabbed a coat hanger had he not done it.
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    Pics Of The Perfect Pair

    Beautiful! :cool:
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    throttle body for SOHC???

    I think the throttle body you have now (stock one) is fine. New ones usually only help on the OHVs. And throttle body spacers generally suck and don't do anything.
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    Show off your Wheels

    Can you say teardrop? :D (dead links) Gonna get Eagle 589s soon though.
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    Exhaust Specifics! Some good shots of the dual exhaust on a 98 Sport like yours in that thread. You may also want to talk to him about what he did. I would actually say that the next best mod is the exhaust so you can get all of that air coming...
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    Yep. Is what I did for my 6x9s was cut out the plastic factory grill in the door, then set the speaker in that hole, drilling holes where the speaker matched up on the plastic panel and scewing it in. I wouldn't reccomend this if your 6x9s are goign to be thuping because it is secured to...
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    Daylighters get here tomorrow!

    Well, my dad did a little research and turns out that in Oregon, auxilary driving lights have to be wired so they only come on when your high beams are on. That kind of sucks but oh well. If it is simple to change would someone please direct me on how to go about it. I also see that it is...
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    Daylighters get here tomorrow!

    Well, I got them on and all wired up and they are sweet. Nice and bright. Now all I have to is put them to good use. Maybe I will get some pics up.
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    Daylighters get here tomorrow!

    OK, I gave a question. I have a white wire that needs to be spliced into ether my high beam activate wire, low beam activate wire, or ignition activate wire. I believe here in Oregon I can do anything I want and don't have to splice it into the high beam activate, so I want to splice it into...
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    The dreaded dash...

    Not bad, but your dash seems a little dark. Is it really that dark or is it just the camera?