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    For Sale A-pillar NMO Antenna Mounting Bracket

    Have you sold the last NMO bracket?
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    Wanted 2nd Gen Light Grey Instrument Bezel w/ Parking Aid button

    It looks like this and I need the button on the right side with it if possible.
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    Wanted 2nd Gen Light Grey Instrument Bezel w/ Parking Aid button

    Bump! Still looking if anyone has one.
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    Wanted 2nd Gen Light Grey Instrument Bezel w/ Parking Aid button

    Looking for a light grey instrument panel bezel with the Parking Aid button for 99-01 Explorer. I can pickup in Lubbock-Dallas-Austin-San Antonio, TX areas or shipped.
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    V10 Swapped 2nd Gen in Germany?

    I was browsing used 2nd gens in Germany when I came across this ad for this 99/00 with the F250 6.8L V10: Ford Explorer(USA) V10 6,8L Limited It has some type of mod motor in it judging by the alternator position and maybe a custom 4wd looking at the buttons where the 4WD. Does anyone know...
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    Interchangeable parts between the Explorer, and the Mountaineer.

    Any 98-01 Explorer/ Mounty and 98-02 Sport is a direct swap. Just switch the Ford and Mercury badging. 98 Explorers do not have mounting for the tailgate trim though 03 Sports have rear wiper in the window and it will not function correctly with our wiring.
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    !WOW! Mangled 2nd Generation ( Texting While Driving )

    The pic is from the 2014 LA Times article I posted, not from OP's story.
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    !WOW! Mangled 2nd Generation ( Texting While Driving )

    No, its not. The drunk driver of the Camaro was reported to be traveling over 100 mph in the wrong direction when it collided with the Explorer doing something like 55. 6 people died and driver of the Camaro lived.
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    Difference between 2wd and 4wd knuckles

    I came on here to ask this exact question for my 98 XL Fleet. My next question is this: Why do you need the shaft going through the bearing? This is my understanding of the Explorer's 4WD front driveline: The CV axle mates to the bearing's moving portion. The moving portion is one piece and...
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    46" 1991 Explorer in Iceland.

    That is an awesome rig!
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    Very Random Stumble/ Stalling

    Still happening Okay it has happened a couple more times, the car has 137k now. I have now replaced the fuel pump assembly, fuel filter, engine air filter, MAF sensor, and all four O2 sensors. I finally got it to act up while I was using my XCAL 3, I noticed the short fuel trims dropped from...
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    Very Random Stumble/ Stalling

    It's a 2001 5.0 AWD and is Low Emissions Vehicle (California Emissions) equipped. Purchased in November '14 with 104K and now has 130K. The problem started about 3500 miles ago/ mid June and has happened a total of 5 times. It starts with the car acting as if there is no throttle input (it...
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    IRS swap?

    No, IRS will require huge amounts modification. The frames are very different at the back. The interiors also share just about nothing that will directly plug and bolt up. Pretty much nothing from 02'+ 4dr Explorers are directly backward compatible 01' and older.
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    2nd gen headlight upgrade

    Morimoto H1s Whoops, sorry just saw what you said about retrofitting
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    '00 5.0L Oil pressure switch

    I just did my 01's a couple weeks ago. I removed the driver side wheel, the splash guard, and unbolted the P/S hoses from their mount on the A/C compressor so I could move them out of the way. Used a few extensions and a swivel, but I got it.
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    Great Ford Dealerships

    x2 Gene Messer Ford in Lubbock! They always take good care of my Fords, even my older 2nd Gens!
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    98 mercury mountaineer

    No, 5.0s and 4.0s have different transmissions. You need a 5R55E.
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    LEV Gen2 v8 when If you go to 1999, it says thats when it started. But I swear I read something somewhere that 1999 and 2000 were transitional years and all Ford SUVs were LEV by 2001 MY.
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    LEV Gen2 v8 when

    I thought that too. But, according to my current 01 Explorer's carfax, it was purchased and registered in New Mexico until I purchased it and brought it to Texas. Window sticker confirms it was shipped to the same dealer it where owner 1 purchased it. My old 01 also had LEV has a similar...
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    LEV Gen2 v8 when

    Sorry to bring this up from the dead, but in my search for cats for my 2001 V8 I came across this info and thought it could help someone. LEV Explorers/Mountaineers are equipped with California CARB compliant cats and the PCM has been tuned to compensate for it. If you put non-CARB compliant...
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    Patty has passed on.

    Sorry, I just saw the last three posts. The lights are actually rear fog lamps from 98-01 European-spec Explorers. Mine came from the UK.
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    1995 Turns over but will not start

    My 1997 did the same thing, turned out to be a dirty crank sensor. Cleaned the connector and the sensor face. Started right up after that. Mine is a 4.0L SOHC though, not the OHV like yours.
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    '97 Explorer - wierd remote/lock issues

    #1 .) I had the same issue on my 1997 with both my fobs. I replaced the module with one from 2000 X (its plug and play) and its works flawlessly. Also accepts new style fobs. #4 .) Also had the same problem, turned out a spring in the latch assembly broke and jammed up the mechanism. Have to...
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    Patty has passed on.

    Thanks guys. I managed to save a few parts and accessories from Patty and most of them will find their way onto my new 97 X. The 97 is going to be taken just about completely apart, cleaned, refurbished, modernized, and cleaned again. I'll make a registry for it when I get home from the holidays.