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    air leak, low idle and dies

    yes by right side I meant the drivers side. I have not tried to clean the IAC, so I will try that but I have a feeling it has something to do with this hising noise. Sounds like a compressor letting out air. I have been looking around but unable to see anything visibly wrong. What would you...
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    air leak, low idle and dies

    Sounds like some part of my engine is sucking air that shouldnt be, like a vacuum leak or something of the sort. Their is a hissing sound coming from the right side of the engine block, cant see or feel any air or anything wrong. The truck idles rough and dies quickly, especially cold...
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    Rain Short Circuit [Horn goes off]

    When it rains a lot my horn goes off. Its not really the alarm because the horn just machine guns. But when I take out the security fuse [power locks] this seems to solve the problem, but not having my power locks is really anoying. Anyone ever have this problem or know where this short could be...
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    Sunroof leaks in Florida--HELP

    If your talking about the moon roof, I have the same problem. On mine, The braket that holds the window tight to the seal on the roof broke. So check those.
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    93 Explorer Gulping coolant

    Every Time i fill the coolant tank its empty in a couple days or so. I have since just ceased filling it, now problems seem to have occured, but i was just wondering what it could be.
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    Pulls to the right. Not alignment.

    My 93 now pulls to the right it is just a slight pull and i was wondering it seems like many people have this problem. I thought it could because the roads being arcs for water drainage... again it only pulls to the right it would make sense.
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    93 JBL Sub Blown

    Well the thing is i looked on the net and i could figure out where i could find the factory ford replacements. Would anyone know?
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    93 brakes and electrical

    Well i have a couple questions. First brakes. My dad took my truck down town and he can bake with the brakes smoking, the rubber boots around the pistons were all burnt up! I replaced the calipers but my brakes are still soft(atleast i think so) and they still get really hot. Everytime i drive i...
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    93 JBL Sub Blown

    I just blew the sub on my 93 eddie bauer, The foam connecting the speaker tore and was making a rattling noise. I was wondering if anyone knew of where i could get a replacement or if there is a ugrade that would fit i think its a 6 inch.