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    Dana 35 TTB question

    Ha thank you, I just found a thread with pretty much the same question. Ford went to IRS dana 35's in 1995 and on i guess. Thank you! now I just need to find one with the same gear ratio
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    Dana 35 TTB question

    What is the newest year of Explorer that had the dana 35 TTB setup before Ford went to IFS? My driver side front wheel fell off my Bronco II coming down a mountain pass this weekend...LONG story short. My dana 28 is crap and I want to fix the gear ratio problem so I can actually use my 4x4. I...
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    94 explorer sport clutches

    Hey thanks guys. Yeah I just heard that centerforce had a balance issue, but I'll look more into it. Once my rig is finished I want the crawl ratio to be so low that I wouldn't need to use a lot of clutch, but just leave it in 1st and go.
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    convert push button t-case to manual

    I have an electric T-case that I am running manual.I just pulled off the motor, and there is a little shaft that sticks out, You can fab up lots of things to attach to the shaft. Right now, i just crawl under and twist it with pliers. I have to get out and lock the hubs anyways, so it doesn't...
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    94 explorer sport clutches

    Hey guys, I have a 94 explorer sport 4.0L in my Bronco II, The clutch is starting to go out, and I was wondering what is best out there. I have heard centerforce can be sketchy, and I don't know any other brands of performance clutches. All i'm looking for is an upgraded clutch kit that grabs...