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    xm radio power connection

    I'm installing a Delphi Skyfi unit in the Explorer using the FM modulator. If anyone else has done this, I'm curious as to where you connected the power connection cord. Thanks!
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    XM Radio Antenna Placement

    I just got the Delphi Skyfi set up for my 2000 Explorer XLT. Installation, using the stuff from Crutchfield looks fairly straightforward. I'm wondering where to mount the antenna. I see from some posts that a few of you have mounted them in the rear and run the cable through the tailgate. I'm...
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    gera swap

    I have the opportunity to get a 2000 Explorer from a relative at a reasonable cost. The only thing is that it has 3:55 gears and I really do need the 3:73s for towing (this is the SOHC v6). Does anyone know of a souce for gears besides Ford? And has anyone ever done this or had it done so and if...
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    CD Player

    Apparently these is a TSB out about this problem. The solution is to disconnect the system (you'll need the radio removal tool)and let the unit sit for a few minute. It then resets itself and should operate fine. I did this, waited 20 minutes and now the system is fine. Strange...
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    CD Player

    My 98 Explorer has some sort of cd/tape player problem. The radio will work, but there is no display and both the cd and tape player are inoperative. This is the second time this has occurred. Ford replaced the entire unit the first time and I've had it less than a year. Has anyone else run into...
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    What is this?

    I have a 98 XLT. The other day I had a dash warning light appear for a second. It appeared to be a gas tank with drops near it. Can't find it in the owners manual. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks