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    AVH-P3200DVD Install in 2006 Explorer

    Im getting some kind of occasional feedback with my Ipod hooked up. No problems with Flash drive, CD, or SD card. Any ideas?
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    AVH-P3200DVD Install in 2006 Explorer

    Yeah this thing is sick. I feel like I got an amazing deal on it. Amazon has it for $258 something,(bump up to the blue tooth for about $50 more) then add the harness, antenea adapter, and double din install kit and I'm in this for under $300and about 3 hours of install time. I could do it again...
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    AVH-P3200DVD Install in 2006 Explorer

    I figured it out. Thanks.
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    AVH-P3200DVD Install in 2006 Explorer

    Im pulling my hair out tonight with this wiring harness. Best Part# BHA5800 After I pre wired the new harness and removed the factory head unit I see there are 2 wiring harness plugged into the back of the factory radio and some of the pins do not line up. Do I have the right wiring...
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    Wheel/Tire Switch now Problem

    I think I made a complete rookie mistake. We own two Ford Explorers, an 06 and an 05. We listed the 05 on craigslist and it sold in a matter of hours. I wanted the new wheels and tires from the 05 to put on my 06. So I swapped them before the buyer came to pick up. Well the TPMS...
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    Check Charging System

    My 2005 Explorer is giving a message " Check Charging System" upon acceleration. Drives fine and seems to be charging. No dead battery yet. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thx in advance.