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    where can i get an a4ld bellhousing bushing? and what is the tolerence for the line boring process?
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    a4ld leaking at bell housing

    i was told that the bushing was remachined when i had it installed, bout four yrs ago, atleast thats what it said on my bill from the transmission shop. is there a simple obvious way to test if this is true?
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    a4ld leaking at bell housing

    tranny only began leaking after it was swapped so that rules out the spacer, right? bushing was just replaced, i would just like to be sure i ruled out and fix all possibilities before putting it back in. is the converter a possible? how would it be tested?
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    a4ld leaking at bell housing

    goes through about 5 quarts every few weeks. pulled the tranny the other day to replace the seal, old one didnt look to bad thinking it might be a problem with the converter can these be pressure tested? how much does it cost? any other ways to test it for leaks? could something else be causing...