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    PATS disable

    What tuners are out there for the older explorers? I looked but am not sure what one will work??? Any advise?
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    PATS disable

    Will a ECM from a 1997 5.0 Explorer directly work in a 1999 5.0 Explorer so I can disable PATS? Is it as simple as swapping ECMs? Im using the explorer frame/engine/trans for a build and don't want to mess with the security crap.
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    1950 Ford F1 Pickup (flatbed) on 5.0L AWD 1998 Explorer Frame and Chasis

    Is there a reason the pictures dont show up anymore? I'm about to begin this build and already am appreciative of the help MikeCol! Did you ever figure out how to bypass the chip key and explorer gauges?
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    Questions about 1949 Ford F1 to Ford Explorer Frame Swap

    I'm starting my build soon... I was going to use a Crown Vic but they are too wide for a 1948 Ford F1, so I'm scoping out options for the 5.0 Explorer. Hopefully in the next week or so I'll have another running one I can use, then I'll start. I'll post some pics when I get started