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    Steering Stiff

    spray lube, engine oil,lots of elbow grease moving it around untill it was finally free moving. then we worked lots of grease into it for now till we can afford a new one. Limited work right now so money tight. lol
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    Steering Stiff

    We just fixed my wife's truck. Check you knuckle in the steering shaft. Our's was seezed. We freed it up and libed the sh*t out of it and is good for now till we can get a new one.
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    Replaced all of the steering components and still got steering problems??

    The ball joints seem fine. They are free moving. I replaced the outer tierods but no better. Was just hoping to save some steps. The steering was fine until my wife blow a idler pully and I said the heck with it and drove it home to fix it. Replaced the idler and now the steering is messed up...
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    Steering Stiff

    dumb idea could there be an air lock in it some where? We are having the same problem with ours.
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    Replaced all of the steering components and still got steering problems??

    I wish I could help you but unfortunitly owrs is doing the same thing. I need the same help.
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    Noise in front

    My wife has a 96 Explorer and it just started to make a noise in the front area of the motor. I sprayed what bearings that I could get to hoping that it may be one of them but nothing seemed to matter. The sound seems to go away as you drive and speed up but as soon as you slow down to a stop...
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    Battery Discharge Rate

    Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife's explorer was find untill this morning. She went to start it this morning and it took a while but finally started. I triied it tonight and it was dead. Unsure No remote starter. I charged it. I had a reading of 13 volts and within an hour it was down to...
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    lower control arm

    We just bought a 96 explorer and whom ever owned the vehicle before welded the ball joints into the lower control arm and one ball joint needs to be replaced. I imagine that the easiest to do this would be to replace the hole lower but I'm not sure how hard it would be to change it. I know...