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    2WD vs 4WD Explorer XLT 2017?

    You’re quite the ....
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    2WD vs 4WD Explorer XLT 2017?

    I hear you... just giving my opinion of the suv with FWD. Also, my Subaru Outback is higher off the ground than the Explorer.
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    2WD vs 4WD Explorer XLT 2017?

    Respectfully disagree. I live in Northern NH and have been using a FWD Explorer XLT with a set of Blizzaks in the winter for years. Never had any issues. The 5th Gen Explorer is not an "off-road" SUV anymore due to it's design. However, as a SUV/Crossover it works great on "unpaved" roads...
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    Time for tires

    I just got 4 new Defender LTX M/S (20 inch) and love them so far..... ride better than the Yokohama's and Bridgestone Alenza tires that I've had in the past on two different Explorers. Here's an excerpt from a tirerack blog: Michelin Defender LTX or Michelin LTX Premier: Which is Right for...
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Good Luck and welcome to the forum.... it is a wealth of information.
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    not sure if you've noticed the post with 600,000 views or 2000+ messages from under the rock....
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    Ford needs to spice up the Explorer exterior color options

    I miss the Caribou color... looks sharp when detailed and can never tell when it's dirty. I get more compliments on the 2015 Explorer in Caribou then you would believe....
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    2016 Explorer Transmission troubles

    Hopefully the 2017 Explorers are not plagued with chronic issues. My 2015 runs great (fingers crossed) without issues. I was hoping to get a 2017..... will wait until the end of the "build" to see how they turn out. For what it's worth:
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    Thinking of Ditching the Explorer

    wow... six issues isn't that bad?
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    Thinking of Ditching the Explorer

    I miss the body on frame build...
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    New Recall for 2014-15 Explorers

    Try this site to look up all info on your Ford vehicle: It'll tell you every "option" your vehicle has and also the date it was built...
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    New Recall for 2014-15 Explorers

    RE: Rear Suspension Recall "Affected vehicles include certain 2014-2015 Ford Explorer vehicles built at Chicago Assembly Plant, Jan. 17, 2014 through May 31, 2014 and Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles built at Chicago Assembly Plant, Jan. 21, 2014 through May 13, 2014. There are 81,036...
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    Part Identification Help

    winner winner chicken dinner
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    Oil Change interval

    A lot depends on your driving habits; I tow frequently as well a drive long distances. I change every 6000-8000 and use Amsoil Signature with the EA filter. Even though Amsoil says I can go 15000+ miles, I'm not comfortable with that.
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    Warranty question

    I believe that work done with Ford or Motorcraft parts have a 2 Year unlimited miles warranty. Check out the parts site:
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    Lease Maintenance?

    Everyone is comfortable with something different. I did my first oil change at 1000 miles and switched to Motorcraft full synthetic; every 8000 miles after that.
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    Fuel additives and 5th gen Explorers

    In my 2007 Explorer, I used Amsoil PI every oil change (8000 mile intervals with Motorcraft full syn oil) and never had any issues with my engine and fuel injectors or fuel delivery system. The SUV runs great; 150,000+ miles. I'm not a mechanic and am just curious if the 5th generation...
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    PTU Problems

    wrong choice of words; just curious because the issue is prevalent enough to warrant a lengthy thread. I remember my 2007 Exp and the six radiators I went through; the top seam would always crack after a year or so because the housing wasn't secure enough; allowed for to much movement...
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    PTU Problems

    How prevalent is this PTU leak? Based on the number of posts, it seems popular enough to scare me away from a 4wd Explorer. Looks like the seal is guaranteed to fail prematurely. I have a front wheel drive XLT and use winter tires from Nov to March; haven't had a single issue with snow...
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    At what part would the turndown exhaust tips clamp/screw on to the original part in place? Does it cover the entire existing exhaust end? I've never dealt with them before. The diameter of my exhaust at the exit point near the end of the bumper is 3 1/2 inches.... what size would i order...
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    Slow coolant leak

    My 2007 Explorer went through 5 or so radiators.... they ALL had the same leak in the top seam where the metal crimps on to the plastic. You could never smell it or see it; it would burn off as if trickled down the side plastic pieces that kept the radiator in place. If you take a flash...
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    When they performed the TSB, there was a reprogramming that changes the way the A/C & re-circulation feature work... I've noticed a small smell, but nothing like before. Also, the slight smell is always on the first hard acceleration, not any WOT there after.