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    Need Wiring Diagram, Fuse 25 for 97 Sport

    I was hoping to find a straightforward fix to the same problem here, but need further help. Same Explorer (1997 XLT 4x4 etc). Fuse 25 when pulled drops battery draw from 3.7 amps (doors closed and battery saver asleep) to .217 amps. GEM replaced with new unit brought in at considerable cost...
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    1997 Explorer XLT no 4WD low range

    It was a 20 amp fuse in the power distribution box. Goes into low range now. I didn't check the easy stuff first, but the trouble codes led me to think other things were wrong. If fuse blows again, will be searching for short to frame. On question of extended codes reader, what is the best...
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    1997 Explorer XLT no 4WD low range

    Thanks. I have full workshop manual and have most of the material you sent. Unfortunately, many of the tests require special Ford testing equipment, so have to improvise where possible. I don't think there is anything wrong with circuitry or lamps. One thing I need to check is the 20 amp...
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    1997 Explorer XLT no 4WD low range

    Vehicle at a stop; placed in neutral prior to moving mode selector switch, foot on brake. All these parameters met. Started around early Nov 2010 when lights began flashing at start up - 4WD not in use at the time.
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    1997 Explorer XLT no 4WD low range

    New to this website. I appreciate the valuable info from all of you to help solve problems on this vehicle. Original problem: flashing 4WD lights on dash generated 4 trouble codes: P1850 (T case contact plate B ckt), P1854 (T case contact plate C ckt), P1866 (T case svc req'd), P1812 (4WD...