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    E Bay CAI

    had one on my 96, helped quite a bit with mileage until i rolled it :roll:
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    Starting Mods

    i guess ill see if this works..its supposed to be a link to my photobucket album of the truck from when i got it til now. got my BFG's mounted and on today, time for a little trimming of the bumper for a little insurance this winter as i only have about 1/2" clearance while turning. definitely...
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    Starting Mods

    i removed the stock silencer and cut the air box up and put a Spetre high flow filter and EconoAid thottle body spacer for now, limited budget with college. oil is synthetic, wanna do t-case and axles soon. ive had it for almost 4 months now and put about 4000 miles on with the only problem...
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    Starting Mods

    well since rolling the 96 sport, i picked up a 2000 xlt. i've already gave it a tune-up, and put in new lower ball joints and tie rod ends. i have made a set of lift shackles for the rear to level the new X back out, but haven't got them put in yet. i scored a set of 4 31x10.5r15 BFG...
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    Rolled her on Wednesday

    she has been replace with a 2000 XLT 4x4, 4.0L SOHC, 115k miles. picked it up for $4099.50 tax, title, & out the door.
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    Rolled her on Wednesday

    the drivers door being like this /\ to the body is probly what did her in for good, damage wasnt too bad other than that. itll be sad to see her go
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    Rolled her on Wednesday

    thanks guys, i know im lucky. actually got hurt more taking stuff off and emptying it. cut my hands up pulling the hitch, tow hooks, and lights off. sitting in the driveway ready for them to come get it, gonna be a sad day :(
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    Rolled her on Wednesday

    went over to my grandmas to plow and shovel on wednesday after all that snow. coming home on a narrow road, had to meet somebody and the tires dropped off the edge. when i was trying to get back on the road, it threw me out making me slide heading for the other ditch. already was locked in, so i...
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    Center Axle Disconnect leaking

    my CAD is leaking and im wondering what to use to fix it. i have searched but not found what is used to seal it, is there a gasket or just use some permatex or something similar? thanks matt
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    How To: Transfer Case Fluid Change (Photo thread)

    gonna be doing this soon when i change the rear seal, leaking pretty good right now
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    Cargo area make over

    thanks, i will have to check around locally. everything i have found online is EXPENSIVE to get shipped because of size and weight, so i will have to do some checking locally. the carpet isn't that bad in my truck, but i haul a lot of stuff around that will eventually ruin it.
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    Cargo area make over

    that looks great! i have been thinking of doing something like this, because i also don't wanna spend $125 on a mat. where did you buy the mat from?
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    Fluctuating engine temperatures

    yep, that's the way they go. i have been working on this problem too.
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    Spark plug and wire change nightmare

    had just about as much fun as you did between my '96 V6, and dad's '01 V8
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    Combining leaf springs

    i have switched out my sports mono-leaf rear springs for some 4dr springs from a jy. to increase towing capacity, could i cut the eyes off the 4dr springs, and bolt them up under the mono=leaf? i have searched, but haven't found anything like this, but am assuming since it can be done with the...
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    choosing new tires mostly for snow/mud

    where are you at in NW ohio? i am near defiance
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    My Explorer (little dif than most on here)

    nice looking truck!
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    Curiosity: Cash for clunkers undo

    what a *****. my truck has 152,000 miles, some rust spots, and a few small problems, and i would still be pissed if somebody would do that to mine, let alone a 29k truck in great condition.
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    tow strap rating?

    i know this is an old thread, but i used a 3"x30'x30,000# strap to pull a F-350 PSD out of a ditch. i was yankin on it hard. i think its an ericson? from TSC. ~$35-40. its a good strap. i have a 2"x20'x20,000# strap that i used to pull my 1st car home a couple times, never really yanked on it...
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    Quick Disconnect.....YEA RIGHT!!!

    i have changed 3 filters on mine and my dads. it works easier for me to pull the filter out of the bracket first, then use the disconnect tools. mine were from autozone and are made of plastic. once you get the hang of it, it takes 5 minutes to change the filter. just make sure you push the tool...
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    Thought id introduce my Ex.

    step drills work great to drill through the frame, drill a pilot hole, i broke the 1/8in tip off my bit.
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    CV axle re boot instructions--- With Pictures!!!

    do you think this would be possible with the axle still in the truck? i dont want to pull it apart if i dont have to. matt
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    4.0 Exhaust Clip Thread !

    whats the best muffler for a tight budget, where could i get one, and what size should i get? right now everything is stock except for the cold air intake on the engine, and all exhaust is stock and doesnt sound good.thanks 4.0 OHV
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    Rear Bumpers

    i'm thinking of making my own rear bumper with an integrated receiver. if you got something like that, can you post some pics so i can get more ideas. thanks in advance. matt :us:
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    How To: Replacing Front Hub / Bearing 1995+ Ford Explorer IFS

    $90 off ebay didnt seem to bad to me, especially with a limited lifetime warranty