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  1. J

    New ignition cylinder PATS key problem

    Thank you koda2000 and CDW6212R. I swapped the transponders today per the suggestion from J_C. Both new keys work well with the old transponders. The new keys did not give up their transponders easily, but the swap worked well. A little dab of glue on the caps and they should last quite a...
  2. J

    New ignition cylinder PATS key problem

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will be swapping the transponders, since that seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to get the job done.
  3. J

    New ignition cylinder PATS key problem

    I am replacing the ignition cylinder in a 2000 XLT with a new cylinder with two new PATS keys. I have the two original keys. Is it possible to program the keys myself? I have tried the procedure posted previously by a member, but was not successful.
  4. J

    Ignition Switch/lock replacement...

    I have tried the first procedure on my 2000 Explorer and could not get it to work. It took about two minutes for the theft light to stop blinking and finally go out when I put the new key in RUN. The second key was also like that and it would not start from the RUN position. I notice that the...