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    I need to vent (still no transfer case)

    so whats going to happen is ups gonna give you the money you spent because they broke it, or is the guy going to refund you, id go to UPS and bust some caps lol
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    Wierd Stuff

    lol how high was the bounce...lmao you might need to change your fluid in the tranny...this used to happen to me either cuz i needed to change it or i didnt put enough in it when i did change it
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    Rusted Hitch.. any hope?

    i did the whole tree worked
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    Power Steering Fluid

    i had a small leak in my power steering and regular fluid would leak out in about 4 days...i started using hyrdolic fluid...wouldnt have to add for about 3 weeks its a lot thicker and i think it worked great
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    Transmission Pan

    yeah it looks like it is...tighten the bolt
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    a4ld diagnosis

    check the fluid color..if its burnt(black) you got problems sounds like its toasted to me
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    Engine replacement

    i cant find any thing in the search for an engine replacement...putting a 91 4L 2WD in a 92 4L 4x4... i understand its going to be a lot of work, but i wanted to see like the in depth details on it before we started doing it, any help would be great
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    Vibration during acceleration

    i had this problem but b4 it got bad, it was from 45-50 then exactly at 60 the whole truck woudl shake. after we replaced the tranny didnt happen again. i dont know why it did that, it just did
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    1st gens with two tone paint jobs?

    overkill thats exactly how i want my explorer to look like that truck is my idol!
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    Please help, area code 93901

    dude $150 im moving!!
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    console to floor shift conversion?

    it's been done search around here, i saw it on one of these posts just cant remember where
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    installing a kill switch to my 92 explorer

    what you got on NJ man!! lol
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    How many of you have replaced your Auto trans?

    i had mine replaced in my 91 Ex XLT just like a few others it Popped....went at 153000 miles. now i am going to buy another Explorer 1992 has a blown engine but a rebuilt tranny.. and im throwing my engine in it
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    A4LD Fluid Change`

    i let mine pump out till theres no more pumping out of the line...i actually cut my line and attached a rubber drainage hose to it ill take apicture when i find my camera. So all i have to do is turn the clamp and it starts flying out.
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    Sport Trac rolls off Webster Pass in CO

    I had two incidents where i almot flipped, one was that iwas trying to go down a hill, not that big of a hill either. But The way my truck was going down it made the X lean to the left to much and my right tires were in the air, and i couldnt reverse because it wasnt gripping anything. Took 5...
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    Getting an accurate reading on the tranny dipstick...

    Just drain the tranny fluid! I usually did it every 50k before it got bad on the tranny. I just undid the plug to the radiator adn let it drain out till none came out. Just just filled it back up.
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    Sport Trac rolls off Webster Pass in CO

    actually the front end is worse then the back...i wonder how much damage went out of KINDA looks like it could be fixed with soem Cash, i wonder if it was street legal, if so what do you think he told his insurance company haha
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    manual winch?

    i bought a come along, $50 at a local part store...had 1 issue with it so far...the wiring got cought up running it back up. but i have used it, several times, best thing i got yet to a winch. if your gonna use one of them make sure to bring some tow straps with you because your not always...
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    has anyone???

    that snorkel in that picture is hot...we have mud bogs around here almost once a month...ill take a picture of some of the inventiosn these guys make when the next one comes around
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    Getting an accurate reading on the tranny dipstick...

    yeah id drain it out you might of got more then 3 quarts taken out of it...take the pan off from the tranny and see if you can see the might be stuck up somewhere
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    Pics of Bullitt rims on 02+

    i knew the different pics werent the same explorer...btw why the hell is the cobra pics have the ford emblent(sp) like that?
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    Squeak When Turning

    sway bar replacement for $700!! thats a little to could get a rebuilt tranny for that if it is a sway bar you need the local yunk yard...and its one of the easiest parts to change...took me about an hour when mine was bent from an offroading trip but i drove around with it...
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    yet another tranny problem

    yeah theres that one...but theres another one..i havnt had time today to look at it, but ill post a picture tommorrow
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    EASY way to change headlight bulbs?

    aint it nice in the 1st gens yuo can just unhook the bulb and install a new one...5 mins flat
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    yet another tranny problem

    and ill take a pic..if i can find the camera