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    Cold Weather starting problem

    Please help, any advice appreciated!! --> I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT, 4 door, 4.0, automatic, well taken care of with regular maintenance and oil changes. (FLASH BACK - Last December, cold weather, got off work and vehicle wouldn't start at all, would crank easy but wouldn't start, ended...
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    Help.... tranny problems maybe?

    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer. Bought in 2002-2003 maybe with 32000+ miles on it and it has been very good to me. It now has 117,000+ miles on it and has started doing something weird. Occasionally, not all the time, when I put it in park and shut the engine off, sometimes it will make a...
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    Couple Problems

    Hi all. I need some advice on some problems I'm having. I have a 2001 Ford Explorer, XLT 4wd. First problem..... no matter what position I have my temp control in (front vents, rear vents, floor, defrost, AC, etc) it blows hot air, even if I have it on the cold temp setting BUT >> in the Max...
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    Airbag light

    Thanks for the reply. The clicking is not the turn signal. I do know the difference. ;) I should have clarified though, it's not just when I'm turning a sharp corner, it's any time I turn the steering wheel even slightly. If I'm backing up, turning or just rounding a slight bend in the road...
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    Airbag light

    airbag light flashing.... Hi all. Just got done reading everyones' posts and have a question. I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4. My airbag light started flashing this weekend. I counted the flashings and counted 3 then 7. I saw that quick-fix posts for the yellow plug and I'll have my BF...
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    2001 Ford Explorer shifting problems ... ?

    :feedback: I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT, 4x4. I just strted experiencing something weird this winter. When I shifted into Drive from Park and took off, about a few minutes after driving, my engine sounded like it was revving but not shifting, (like being stuck in first gear on a standard...
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    2001 Ford Exp XLT 4x4 lighting probs

    I have a 2001 FE XLT 4x4 with some lighting problems and would like some help to fix them. First, on my dash, behind my speedometer, the light has gone out in the 60-80 mph range. Secondly, I have cruise control on my steering wheel and when I bought it, both sides of the wheel lit up...
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    Rear wiper skips

    Thanks everyone for all the info! Don't take this wrong but I'm glad there are people like you who have the same problems as I do. LOL! I will try all of the above and see what works best. I am tired of having to pull over every so often while driving in snowy weather, to spray and squeegy off...
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    Rear wiper skips

    I am new here so bear with me. I was playing around on the net looking for anything about problems or recalls with rear wipers for Ford Explorers and found this site. I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT. I've had it for a few years now but when I bought it, I noticed right from the start there...