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    Leaking sun roof

    Our sun roof has been leaking since we bought our 2006 explorer limited 2 years ago right near where the rearview mirror/winshield meet. Sometimes to the point that you get drenched if it really rains bad. I found instructions online and actually pulled down the headliner and checked the drains...
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    Leaking sunroof drain in 2006 explorer

    When our explorer sits outside, water comes pouring down near the map light/rear view mirror as well as the passenger side footwell gets soaked sometimes.This has been driving me crazy. I've watched a bunch of youtube video and scoured the forums and can't seem to fix this issue. It seems like...
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    Aftermarket cross bars for roof rack

    So I bought a roof-top basket to haul luggage for long trips and some cross bars from amazon and I have run into some issues... We have a 2006 explorer limited and the rack rails seem to be taller and thicker than alot of the aftermarket cross bars support. Has anyone successfully found ones...
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    P2270 02 sensor code won't go away

    Update: I fixed the wires that were rubbed through and and replaced the 02 sensor and the problem seems to be fixed.
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    P2270 02 sensor code won't go away

    Ok, so I made a previous thread about this a long time ago and I thought it was solved but it is back. I bought our 2006 explorer limited from a ford dealer near me 03/2017. When we took it for a test drive, the check engine light came on. The code was the P2270 O2 sensor signal stuck lean bank...
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    Paint Correction on the new (to me) 2006 Explorer Limited

    I used a Griots Garage DA with microfiber cutting pads to take the worst of the scratches out. I followed up with some Buff N' Shine Foam green/blue pads to polish the paint. Sites like autogeek/chemical guys have some good how to video's on their website which is how I learned how to do it/what...
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    Paint Correction on the new (to me) 2006 Explorer Limited

    Yeah it is a limited and the wheels are 17". Could be that they were switched out at some point. The chrome handles were cheap aftermarket things i think. SPNS is Sonax Polymer Net Shield. It is the best sealant/wax you can buy imo. Just spray it on, wipe it around with a foam applicator and...
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    Paint Correction on the new (to me) 2006 Explorer Limited

    If you wanna drive all the way to GA. Doing a paint correction on a vehicle this large sucks Took me all day Saturday and Sunday to do it all and wash and seal it with SPNS once I was done with the correction. Could barely move my arms on Monday. Work was a bit rough.
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    P2270 code and check engine light

    Thanks, I'll check that out this weekend.
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    Paint Correction on the new (to me) 2006 Explorer Limited

    Had more pictures but it limited it to 10 so I cut out some of what I originally wrote...
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    Paint Correction on the new (to me) 2006 Explorer Limited

    So our 2013 Escape was getting too small to haul three kids around so it was time to get something else. When we originally bought it, we were not planning on having any more kids. Well...plans change so we had to upgrade to something bigger. We didn't want a huge car payment on something new...
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    P2270 code and check engine light

    Just bought a 2006 explorer and it is throwing a check engine light. Funny part is that the light came on during the test drive and the dealer was supposed to fix it. They replaced the one rear 02 sensor after the Cats but it came back now a few weeks later with the same exact code. I took a...
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    Replacement Headphones for rear DVD player

    Anyone ever purchased the aftermarket headphones for the rear DVD player? I see there is a pair on amazon with only two reviews and there are some choices on ebay. Just wondered what other people ended up using?
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    About to buy a 2006 Explorer Limited

    Hey everyone, Currently looking at a 2006 explorer limited with the 4.0L motor at a local ford dealer. My wife and I went to test drive it quick before the dealer closed but didn't sign anything yet. I forgot to look underneath the front since we were rushed for time but the add lists it as...