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    2004 EB Vibrations when deaccelerating

    The tires are the same size, but one set is worn a little more than the other. I just don't understand how the 4WD auto can be so sensitive that it causes damage to the TC/drivetrain because of worn tires. Now the 2004 has several fuses/relays, #12 fuse 4x4 switch under the dash, #17 Two speed...
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    2004 EB Vibrations when deaccelerating

    New to the "Serious Explorations" and looking for some help with an intermittent vibration. I have a 2004 EB with 85k, and when I get up to cruising speed and then slow down I get a vibration, like when your running over rumble strips. It's not a continuous vibe and it does not matter if it's in...
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    Rumble strip vibration 2004 limited v8

    2004 Eddie Bauer At 85k I am experiencing similar problems. I always have the rumble strip effect when slowing down, not accelerating. Trans, drive axles, diffs, and drive shafts all seem fine. I had a Transmission Tech drive mine and he said, it acts like its trying to go into 4 wheel drive...