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    wheel bearing emergency-ish question

    well thank you all for your input, i made it back to albuquerque (with sum prayers-said before departure) lol ...i replaced brakes today but had an event to attend at six, the brakes took me 16 min or so! pretty badas* haha jk. it was just MY fastest brake pad replacement ever, although, i am...
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    wheel bearing emergency-ish question

    hey all, 1991 Explorer xl so i recently changed the passenger side front wheel bearings (inner, outer), and have been putting off the drivers side for too long. while driving from portales, nm to el paso, tx driver side wheel bearing started squeaking, scratching, and screaming
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    1991 Exploder Starter replacement debate?

    ok, heres the deal, my starter solenoid's bolts were apparently stripped causing it to come loose, so while i was down there, i decided to just replace the whole unit. . . after successfully swapping the new starter/solenoid into the truck (which was late at night, as i had to leave town in the...
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    A/C Elimination?

    oh, really? it was my understanding that the less pulleys your engine has to turn, the less resistance your engine has to face? maybe this is wrong, i remember removing the power steering belt from my 93 Civic, and low, n behold...helped hi-mid-through top end, not too noticeably tho...and...
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    A/C Elimination?

    great! thanks for the quick response! any idea how much those are compared to the cheapo depot belts? he quoted 20.99 for AC and 21.99 for non ac. it was lame! mayeb i'll try oreilly? haha and i take it theres no need for a bypass pulley or whatever BS he was preaching to me? just leave the...
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    A/C Elimination?

    i have been wanting to get a shorter serpentine belt to use on my 91 explorer because my A/C compressor has been squealing and not working properly, and wanna gain a few HP before i have money to replace or fix the A/C. now my question is, the guy at autozone told me that the belt without A/C...
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    70mm MAF Sensor Housing question

    hello, i had read on this site in the past about swapping the measley, small MAF sensor housing on the 91-whatever explorers, with the mustang 5.0's 70mm maf trying to find out the specific answers to sum questions i have regarding such an upgrade. I have searched, but not found any...
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    e3 spark plugs

    and does anyone else have issues with bosch platinum plus series plugs? my x seems to run like crap when they are used...just stick to autolite? or any suggestions with a good experience? thx again!
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    e3 spark plugs

    anyone tried those new(ish) E3 spark plugs?? If so please tell us of your pros/cons, or tell us how they work for you in your exploder. I had sum in my civic and it didnt agree with them at ALL lol.
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    Wheel Spacers, and stock X wheel/tire options

    I have a sony XPlod CD deck, with matching sony xplod full-range speakers all around and an Eclipse 12' sub w/ matching amp/box.
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    Auto to Manual Tranny swap could be done for say... $300-maybe like 550? and that's DIY, right? cause i would imagine that the labor costs quite a bit to have it done, correct? and how long do you think the project would take? if i were to gather all the required parts, how long would my truck be out of commission?
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    Auto to Manual Tranny swap

    Hello, i'm not sure if i posted this in the right place, but i was wondering if anyone has had experience swapping an auto tranny to a manual one. I have a 91 XL 2dr 4x4 and was just wondering if the time effort and investment in this project is worth it and how much i would generally be...
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    Wheel Spacers, and stock X wheel/tire options

    i need to know what is the standard measurements of all the dimensions of my stock 91 X-XL 2dr 4x4's tires r, i bought the ex w/ 75,000 miles on it, u think its faked? i am not willing to pay for a carfax vehicle history report...but please let me know and dont flame me, i am 17 and trying to...
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    manual tranny swap in 91 X 2dr a4ld

    hey how much would it cost (roughly) to swap my A4LD for a manual transmission?
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    Speed Sensor replacement

    hey people, lately when my 91 explorer is ran in this awful winter weather, the first run of the day, my speedometer is totally off, it says 45mph when i KNOW it is only going 20-30! so i was told my speed sensor could be going bad...i was also told that a symptom of a failing speed sensor is...