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    WANTED: 1999 4.0 Explorer Transfer Case

    I need a transfer case that is compatible with my Explorer. I have the XL24-CA Transfer case. I need one close to MD, VA, DC. Let me know mileage and tag numbers. Thanks.
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    Another Transfer Case thread

    I have a 99 XL 4.0. I am pretty sure I need a new transfer case so I need help decoding this Tag on my transfer case. I went to a Pick and pull junk yard near my house and they have a ton of explorers but I want to make sure I get the right used transfer case. Here is what my Tag reads...
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    Which Transfer Case do I need

    I have a 1999 Explorer XL 4x4 with a 4.0L. My transfer case slips and grinds in "Auto" and the "4hi" settings sometimes (intermittently) but it runs fine in "4lo." Someone on here said it was my transfer case. What year Explorer transfer case's are compatible with my 1999 Explorer. Thanks in...
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    Transmission/Transfer Case problem

    No one has any idea????
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    Transmission/Transfer Case problem

    Hey. I have posted on this site before. Here is my problem. I have a 1999 XL with a 4.0. Auto 4x4. I was driving it today and I made it about 15 miles from my house when the Transmission seemed to pop out of drive and it made a terrible grinding noise until I came to a stop. When I went to...
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    1999 Explorer XL Transmission issue

    I have a 1999 Explorer XL 4x4 with a V6 with 130000 miles. I noticed this problem 2 days ago and I am curious if it is a trans problem or a Valve Body problem or if it is something else that others have experienced. When I am driving over 50 miles an hour, my Explorer seems to jump/jerk. It...
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    Just bought a 1999 Explore and have a question.

    I just purchased a 1999 Explorer with 130000 miles on it today. From what I have read online, the trim levels are XL, XLT and limited. The explorer I purchased does not have either of those emblems on the back. It just says Explorer on the back. How can I tell which Explorer I have? Also if...