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    AC Cold and Hot same time

    My 03 Mountaineer with DUAL climate electronic AC control is blowing out both Cold and Hot air at the same time. When I have the AC on it blows out cold air from the dash vents and hot air from the floor vents and the vents behind the center console. It is not just a little hot air either it is...
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    Trans or something else?

    Guess I should have mentioned it is one of my other cars. It is an 03 Mountaineer V8 AWD. My thought is trans also I was just hoping it wasn't.
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    Trans or something else?

    I recently had the trans rebuilt and shortly after getting it back I started noticing a problem. I am not sure if it is the trans or something else. When going 40ish if I hit the gas hard nothing happens for about 3 seconds. To me it almost feels like the car is going to stall or that the trans...
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    Oil Leak

    My 05 Aviator seems to be leaking from around the oil filter. This has been going on for several months. I have tried serveral different brands of fitlers and the leak never goes away. In other posts I have seen a gasket that is behind the oil filter mount, but I have not seen any mention of...
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    03 Mountaineer Clicking

    Hi I have a loud clicking in the front left of my AWD Mountaineer. The clicking sounds like a roller coaster when you are going up the first big drop. I replaced the Hub and Bearing, that did not help at all. Any ideas what I can expect the problem to be when I take it in to the dealership? I am...
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    seperate control arm from knuckle

    Can anyone tell me how to seperate the lower control arm from the knuckle on an 03 Explorer? I have the upper ball joint and tie-rod seperated but can't figure out the lower one.
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    AC blower

    My 03 Mountaineer with dual ac is having an issue. When the is blower is set at the lowest speed "1" eveything is fine. However if I turn it up at say to speed 2 it goes crazy. It will blow at what I consider the correct speed for level 2 then it will all the sudden blow at full blast for 15 to...
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    high temp low oil

    Randomly while driving the high temp low oil light comes on and the oil pressure drops to L. Sometimes it stays on for 2-3 seconds and sometimes for about 30 seconds. When the light comes on the engine continues to run normally. I checked the oil and it is good. I am thinking maybe the oil...
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    AC Blower

    The AC in my 03 with electronic controls has been acting up. At random times it will all the sudden start blowing at Max even if it is set at low. It will blow at max for sometimes one second to one minute. Seems to be completely random when it happens, can be sitting parked, at a stop light...
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    Drive train hum

    I have all the symptoms of the rear diff hum problem only it is not the rear diff. A couple of months ago I had the transfer case rebuilt because the viscus disc I think it is called and some other components went bad. Shortly after I got it back I started hearing the hum when I was going...
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    Aviator pads

    I also have a Mountaineer and everything looks the same, but that is with the wheels on so I did not take a good look. The rotors for the Aviator do seem to weigh more then I remember the ones for the Mountaineer weighing. I work for an automotive company and the parts department could not...
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    Aviator pads

    Does anyone know if front brake pads for 2005 explorer will fit onto a 2005 Aviator. Can't seem to find brake pads for the Aviator anywhere even the dealership has to order them. They all have explorer/mountaineer pads I would think they would be the same but they have different part numbers.
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    02 front passenger caliper mounting bracket

    I almost positive that you cannot buy just the anchor bracket by itself, it is part of a kit. That may be why you cannot find it listed anywhere.
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    body mount

    Is it possible to replace one body mount without loosening others? The mount to the right of the gas tank, it seems to be almost right under the pillar between the two doors, is sqeaking like crazy and I am not sure what to do about it.
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    05 Aviator parking brake

    My mom drove her 05 Aviator for about five miles with the parking brake on. Since then everytime she drives it the driver side rear rotor and wheel get really hot, and there is a terrible what I would call burning smell. Took the caliper and rotor off; the shoes, pads and rotor all look fine...
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    12v Ignition 03 Mountaineer

    Thank You
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    12v Ignition 03 Mountaineer

    Can anyone tell me where the 12v Ignition wire for the radio originates at?
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    radio help

    Every now and then for the past couple of weeks when I start my 03 the radio was not coming on until I put the car into gear. I just had an alarm installed and now every time I start the car I have no radio until I put the car into gear. After I put it into gear it works fine until I turn the...
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    when is it totaled??

    I have never heard of reject the repair, what exactly does that mean? I assume it just means telling the insurance company that I don't want the car fixed.
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    when is it totaled??

    No, no air bags. thanks for the replys.
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    when is it totaled??

    I was in a wreck with one of those TruGreen Chem lawn guys. He failed to yeild the right-of-way and hit me in the left front corner. The estimated body damage alone is at $6000 that does not include the supplementary damage that they have found. The estimate on the supplementary damege has...
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    Maryland salvage

    I am looking for a Pick N' Pull salvage yard in MD, Souther PA, or Northern VA. Anyone know of one?
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    Sohc Vmv

    Can someone tell me where the Vapor Management Valve (VMV) is on a 98 SOHC?