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    How to: Ethan's 1990 eec-iv ranger - 99 SOHC Swap + A4LD to M5OD

    Did you have any issues clearing the engine crossmember with the SOHC oil pan? Currently doing a SOHC swap in my 88 Ranger
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    4.0 sohc - 5r55e to m5od swap

    Any luck with this? tomorrow I'm picking a M5OD. Im going to get everything i can with it, flywheel, starter, wiring harness, ecu, floor plate. My explorer has PATS, if i get the computer from a sohc ranger that doesn't have PATS, will my PATS unit give me hell? the ignition cylinder that uses a...
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    98 5.0 AWD Auto to 5spd M5R2 and 4406 M

    ok so from the factory, before the trans swap mod, does the 5.0 have a rev limiter set to 3200 when in park or neutral? was it just the 4.0 trucks that had this? and does that mod with the wiring diagram cancel the rev limiter with the computer thinking that the trans is in neutral?
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    98 5.0 AWD Auto to 5spd M5R2 and 4406 M

    finally caught up with reading this thread! do the v8 trucks have a rev limiter when in park or neutral like my v6 sport does? i think it revs to 3300 rpm. if the v8s don't have this ****block of a device its obviously no problem, but if they do, how do we shut that feature off for when my 01...
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    F150 springs in Explorer

    How to swap in F150 springs for rear end lift (95-01 Explorers+Sport Trac at least to '05) *Note: I can't and won't be held responsible for any mistakes you could make that could either injure you, someone else, damage the truck, or tools. Proceed at your own risk!* First, i went to my...
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    Modifying Ford Explorer Leaf Springs for Lift using F-150 Leaf Springs

    today i got the leafs from a 1994 f150 single cab, step side bed. 4 leafs including the overload. they are 3" wide but they look like they will work just fine if i make the eye bushings a little more narrow, if they're a little too long to work with my shackles then ill get the warrior ones...
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    Floor Shifter for 5R55E Transmission

    anything happened here? I'm totally interested in this too!
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    My 5.0 swap with details

    thats awesome! is there a big difference in the engine bay between your Explorer and my 01 Sport? looking to do the same thing here!
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    Custom front grill

    Any progress? I'm really interested!
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    BLAKTRAC - 04 Sport Trac 4x4 Prerunner

    Anything new with this build? I'm new here, and looking to do something similar with my 2001 Sport. Ill probably end up doing exactly the same thing on the front end, rear end will be SOA with stiffer shocks, but ill probably stick to 33's because its gonna be my daily driver as well