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    Catalytic Converter Replacement, 99' 5.0 Mounty

    I ended up taking it to a shop. Both bolts snapped and they had to drill and replace them both. Fixed my lean code and all is well... Just need to replace the cat on the other bank now.
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    P0174 on a 5.0

    Had exact same code recently and went through ALL of the motions to figure it out. New fuel filter and checked fuel pressure a the rail. Cleaned the MAF sensor, checked for vacuum leaks, you name it. The problem ended up being a small exhaust leak between the exhaust manifold and the first O2...
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    Catalytic Converter Replacement, 99' 5.0 Mounty

    Started off with a CEL and a lean code for bank 2. Come to find out that the exhaust pipe between the manifold and the catalytic converter has begun to look (and sound) like I was trying to direct my exhaust gasses to the rear of the vehicle VIA a piece of swiss cheese. SO... Im replacing the...