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    Gas Gauge not working

    I had the same problem, but some times it would read half a tank past full! The wire was broken off the little circuit board that's on the float on the sending unit, ground was also broken also Soldered the wire back on the circuit board, connected the ground Works mint, cost nothing
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    My explorer “buield”

    How do you control your air fuel ratio, ? , or does it stay correct with 900+ in bottle with matching fuel and n0s jets?
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    My explorer “buield”

    Are you running the stock fuel pump? If so, Is the fuel for the nitrous hooked up to the valve on the fuel rail? How are you controlling the Air fuel ratio when bott pressure drops? Do you have a controller or just stop using it? Do you have arp bolts on the lower or upper intake? Any concern...
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    1997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 Oil Filter type

    The larger filter is for the Mustang or HO v8 truck van engine, Explorer 5.0 uses the smaller
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    Contemplating 5.0L rebuild for mild performance boost

    I remember reading a member here ported the cast manifolds slightly, nothing crazy, and he noticed a slight improvement Ill be port matching mine from top to bottom and opening the top and bottom of the manifold ports, Can't grind the manifold bolt indents much without going thru the wall, so...
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    5.0 engine ticking question

    Nice to see you got ford lifters! Same box I had I just did mine and cleaned the lifter bores before I put the new ones in, I still have a little tick but I have a tiny exhaust leak before secondary cats
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    5.0 engine ticking question

    Yah lifters look normal, can't notice a collapsed one there? Seafoam incase its just a sticky valve ticking look for any black soot around the exhaust , the smallest of leaks will have black around it and tick till you go nuts Unless u have bad compression on a cylinder I'm leaning towards a...
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    Front sway bar guru needed

    I have a 97.5 explorer, how can I tell if I have the solid or hollow bar? Anyone know how much they weigh? Any other way to tell? Thanks you
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    5.0 engine ticking question

    how long did you drive with a collapsed lifter? If a long time then your cam lobe for that one can be ground down badly making the valve only open half way or worse Push rods will be fine, can you post a pic of the collapsed lifter? Personally ide want to see the cam lobe to look for damage
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    Top Mount TURBO Explorer V8

    Fix that exhaust leak best you can will help alot, smaller housing will make aa difference , Boost at low remember can be dangerous , it does spool nice when you get going , Get a air filter brother, don't let your sexy suck in dirt or rock, to freaking sweet of a project!
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    Top Mount TURBO Explorer V8

    Dude you gotta get a tune, it will spool so much better, tune will change everything for the better!!!
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    Do I need my egr tube? what does it do?

    Replace it with a new one. Rock auto is the best for price, it's only $50 for the v8 tube Try not to get one with a crinkle / accordion looking section , there should be solid ones, the crinkle always breaks first
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    Air Box Silencer Delete

    Put a k and n air filter in the air box, don't mod the box Clean your maf Add dedicated ground to coil pack bracket Add a dedicated ground from fuel pump/housing to batt negative ground Drain transmission and torque converter and replace filter and all fluid, mercon V Install larger secondary...
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    You need snow or a very large puddle, or supercharger
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    Codes p0113 p0102 help PLEASE!!

    Exactly what Turdle said!!!!! Get The OE filter on there, Then get a can of "maf cleaner" from parts store, will say MAF on it, NOT carb and choke cleaner Make sure it has a little straw and blast the 2 resistors inside your maf! get close as possible but don't poke with straw, could break And...
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    Best Battery

    I had a transport truck 950cca, worked amazing, was twice the size of a normal battery mounted in my trunk, used to boost cars on cold mornings also
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    Top Mount TURBO Explorer V8

    Love how it looks under the hood!!! Sounds nice, just need that turbo whistle :p, Looks good outside too Please post more pics as you go! pllleeeaaaaseeeeeee lol
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    Codes p0113 p0102 help PLEASE!!

    Re wire your tps, if water got into the pin holes it will cause issues Ide guess a wiring problem, trace back the melted wire from the egr sensor to look for more damage, Or trace back the wires from maf and iat to make sure none of them are brittle or melted, any sign of damage and replace...
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    1997 Ford Explorer - V8 - 5.0 - AWD

    Trust me, do a transmission fluid change, Unhook the cooler line and start car- stop when bubbles come out of line, then drain the torque converter - round black 3 inch rubber plug at bottom of transmission, inside there is the TC -turn engine by hand untill the drain plug shows up - factory TC...
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    5.0 Explorer WOT Shift Points?

    Around 4500+, never above 5k, depends in your momentum and if your going up Hill or down
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    1997 Ford Explorer - V8 - 5.0 - AWD

    Replace fuel filter under drivers side frame rail, if it still runs bad check fuel pressure from valve on fuel rail, passenger side front of engine If it is below 30 psi at any time, idle and high Rev, then get a new pump, it will "run", on 20psi but it won't be happy at all! Rockauto for...
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    1997 Ford Explorer - V8 - 5.0 - AWD

    Get it!!, give full tune up, look for cast exhaust manifolds, add ground to coil pack mount, do full trans fluid refresh and add larger external cooler and your good to go for a while!!
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    Gauge cluster w/ LEDs

    Woooow, they are giving them away @$1 each, good find!!!!
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    Fuel Injector tip spins but is intact.

    I think your talking about the "hat", Use the injector you dropped but take the hat off the old one and put it on the dropped one, DO NOT use the old injector! The hats are ment to come off and on, it's just tight, no problem that it spins as long as it's snapped on the end of injector...