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    Fwd explorer in winter

    If you dont get sensors...does that mess up anything other than the TPMS...will the TPMS start wokring once the stock tires are put back on in the spring?
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    Fwd explorer in winter

    I guess I am primarily concerned with getting stuck...that would be where 4wd would help...although the xplorer is heavy adding more traction to the fwd. I would think trying to move that mass up a hill that has snow would prove more difficult than a car. In terms of resale, I keep my cars...
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    My Explorer Overheated

    I think ford should recall and replace the fans in the batch they know are defective. It kills me they use the wait until it fails approach. If they have it narrowed down to a specific range then repair them all...but I know it is all about money. I had a similar situation with my focus...
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    Fwd explorer in winter

    I really wish the feedback was that the FWD was more than adequate new to ford...may rationale for going FWD was similar to yours as I have not had issues with FWD cars in the past even lacking snow tires...also I was cross shopping minivans which would have been FWD anyway. The oddessy was...
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    Fwd explorer in winter

    Looking for some feedback from fwd owners experiences in winter weather. Any issues? Wish you ordered awd? I read two posts from people deciding whether to purchase fwd or awd and didn't see any actual feedback from owners of fwd explorers. I live in ct and have ordered a fwd ex but am having...