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    3rd Gen Ex going on it's lid...

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    Running Boards removal

    No pics yet cause it was dark when I got them finished and everything. I do not think I can post pictures on here since I am not elite?
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    Running Boards removal

    Thanks for the help. I got my done tonight and it looks pretty good. I just used the aluminum body tape like you said and then masked off everything and sprayed dupli-color spray-on bedliner. I hope it holds up well.
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    Driving Lights- Wiring Pictures wanted

    I think I might want the new lights to be on a separate switch because I will not always want them on when my high beams are on. I will be honest here, half of the reason for the lights is for looks, the other half is for night trips along deserted roads which does not happen a ton, but enough...
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    Driving Lights- Wiring Pictures wanted

    That helps Bill, thanks! I will probably do it the way you described, but I would love to see a diagram from you webmastercharli whenever you are able to get to it. I have a few things I need to do now including upper and lower ball joints so lights will have to wait a little while.
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    New Tires

    Just got new 33x12.50x15 procomp xterrains mounted and balanced yesterday. I have to say that I love them so far because the ride is much better than my old BFG MTs and my cooper durango MTs that I had. Also, they are super quiet. They were rubbing quite a bit when turning sharply in reverse...
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    Tube Bumper?

    Haha, yeah just a few miles away. I am hoping someone will jump in on this because I cannot find one online anywhere.
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    Driving Lights- Wiring Pictures wanted

    I have been searching through the lighting forum and di not find what I was looking for. I am not looking for a wiring diagram, but rather pictures of how people have routed the wires for their driving/off-road/etc lights. I will be mounting mine on my grille guard and am not sure how to run the...
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    Tube Bumper?

    I didn't see any for the first gen. explorers last time I looked.
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    Tube Bumper?

    Any takers on fabbing up a really simple rear dual tube bumper for my 93 XLT? If anyone is interested, let me know what you will charge for it.
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    Need some help!!

    Just looking for some music that will sound really good on my sound system(lows,mids,highs). Im sure a bunch of you have some suggestions of songs. Just looking for stuff to listen to to kinda test out the system and tune it right but not looking for actual test tracks with just the noises.
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    Got my new Tires!!

    Just got my new tires (32x1150x15) mounted and balanced yesterday. I went with durango mud terrains (made by cooper). I have to say that I am very pleased with them. The ride is A LOT better with these tires than my BFG muds ever were. It has been raining here and they are really nice in the...
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    Can I fit a 32" underneath as a spare?

    can you post a pic of how far down it is? Im debating whether to pay to have it mounted or not
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    Can I fit a 32" underneath as a spare?

    I dont have a hitch or anything like that to limit the room
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    Can I fit a 32" underneath as a spare?

    Im getting new tires soon and I want to have one of my old ones mounted as a spare. I am wondering if a 32" tire will fit in the stock spare location on a 93 xlt. I did a search and got mixed results on different years and what not so I am wondering if anyone knows on a first gen
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    Wow.. Look at this Fiberglass work.. Pics

    Absolutely amazing!! A lot of work but a beautiful car
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    Durango Mud Terrains??

    Yeah they will not do it for me here. The only place I have found in the city that will do it (besides off-road centers) is Pepboys and American tire. walmart, sams, discount tire and everywhere else will not do it for me at all.
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    Durango Mud Terrains??

    the problem is wal-mart and sams club will not mount over-sized tires on explorers(i dont know if it is like that everywhere or just here). So I am limited on my options unless I order something online which I refuse to do because of the outrageous shipping charges that I cannot afford.
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    Durango Mud Terrains??

    By the way these are 32x1150x15 yeah the guy at the shop said that they were made by cooper. They seem affordable to me. I really cant afford anything more than that right now (wish I could afford BFG muds again).
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    Durango Mud Terrains??

    Yes I did a search and came up withg nothing on these tires. I have been looking for something to replace my BFG muds because they are worn out. I am looking for something cheaper and came across these Durango mud terrains at a local tire shop (american tire). They want $112 each mounted and...
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    Squeaking noise from belts or pulleys...

    I have the same problem. Belt does not need to be replaced in my situation either. I got Prestone belt dressing and that made the problem even worse. The squeek became even more annoying. To save my sanity I sprayed a tiny bit of wd40 on the tops of the pulleys where the belt runs on and it...
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    2006 Mercury Milan

    is it just me or do the rims look photchopped
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    Running marked gas....

    I would like to know what it is as well