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    Questions on determining what pulley is squeeling

    An $8 mechanic stethoscope from HF helped me diagnose the same issue. Ended up keeping it, great tool to have.
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    1998 Explorer 5.0 “Restoration2021” project

    nice! pay for my gas and i'll deliver it lol!
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    Burning smell through vents, lost electrical (GEM module?)

    Never mind! One of the burnt fuses I replaced wasn’t seated properly. After re seating it, works like a charm!
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    Burning smell through vents, lost electrical (GEM module?)

    Ok, swapped the gem for a unit that was working, same numbers. Still no functions. What gives?
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    Burning smell through vents, lost electrical (GEM module?)

    Took a look at the board today, it was one of the round resistors that was burned up. I replaced it with a similar one but no dice. I found lots of burn marks on the PCB, I think the whole thing is beyond my realm of expertise. I found a refurb one that matches my build numbers on eBay for $90...
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    Burning smell through vents, lost electrical (GEM module?)

    Pulled the stereo out after dinner tonight. The GEM is definitely toast, it stinks of burnt electrical. Opened it up and some electrical components appear to have leaked their contents out on the PCB. Took a photo of the part number and found a few matching ones online from electronics...
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    Burning smell through vents, lost electrical (GEM module?)

    Headed home this afternoon, had the windows up and AC on. While on the freeway i started smelling a burning rubber or electrical smell. I thought not much of it, figuring it was construction or something. The smell seemed to pass and after a few minutes i noticed my speedometer was dead. Also...
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    2007 was a great year…

    The real estate market was booming, gas was cheap, the economy was good. Also the Dunlop Grandtreks that were on my Mountie when I bought it two months ago were made. Fast forward to February of this year when I bought the truck and saw the 2007 date code tires. I told myself wow first thing I...
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    High Mount Third Brake Testing Question

    There’s a dude on eBay that sells verified working original bulbs and ballasts. But you’re looking at spending $150ish.
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    Battery Recommendations 2000 Explorer Limited

    2nd vote for Costco. I had a battery poop out one month shy and they just replaced it with a brand new on. They dropped their warranty period from 42 months to 36 months but it’s still a pretty good value. Shows $109.99.
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    4-Bolt 4404 Questions!

    My truck has been making a sound like a wounded sealion. yes it's quite sad. it only happens at very low speed, basically below 5 miles an hour. the car has to be in drive, it doesn't make the noise on neutral. it also seems to be louder when the weather is warmer and drier. i've checked all...
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    1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer thermostat

    Not sure if it helps but I have a 5.0 that I did a coolant flush on and it exhibited the same symptom. Hooked up the obd2 scanner and confirmed the thermostat was opening at 192, it ended up being air just bleeding itself out of the system. Took a week or two of normal driving but it just worked...
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    99 mountaineer 5.0 AWD front diff fluid

    Took my ‘97 AWD to the Valvoline quick change place as I didn’t want to fumble with the front diff (only has one plug) and let them use their vacuum machine to evacuate the fluid. They used 75w-90 in the front and 75w-140 (both synthetic) in the rear. Considering the cost of fluid and the time I...
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    Did a coolant change on the 5.0, now I got a leak from the neck

    This seems to have worked *knock on wood*. I went to buy some new hose but they didn’t have anything close to working in the length I needed. So I did like you suggested, cut the end off and put a clamp on. No drops since. I’ll still order some new hose as the one on the car is likely original...
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    Did a coolant change on the 5.0, now I got a leak from the neck

    Burped it cold this morning, topped it up about a cup and went for a drive. Afterwards I checked and it’s still seeping out. I’ve isolated it to the area under the overflow nipple. I can’t tell if there’s a crack or it’s just coming out of the nipple. I’ll wipe it clean and a few seconds later...
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    Did a coolant change on the 5.0, now I got a leak from the neck

    Zip tie! Why didn’t I think of that?? Save me a trip to the parts store! Update so I picked up a Murray/motorad replacement cap at O’reilly’s, had great reviews. Put it on cold, drove 20 miles in traffic, checked the next and had a few drops outside still. Wiped it up and went about my...
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    Did a coolant change on the 5.0, now I got a leak from the neck

    The cap looks old, probably original. I did notice a small tear in the gasket. Blew through the hose, got bubbles in the reservoir. No clamp on the overflow hose. I’ll try a new clamp and a cap and see what it does. Thanks.
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    Did a coolant change on the 5.0, now I got a leak from the neck

    Did a search before and didn’t find anything so apologies if this has been covered. Did the fluids on the new to me ‘97 mountaineer. Coolant yesterday. Everything is fine except I noticed a slight smell of coolant. Popped the hood and noticed a small drip coming from the base of the radiator...
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    Just picked up a ‘97 Mountie

    The valve cover still has a sticker on it that says 4/24/1996
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    Just picked up a ‘97 Mountie

    Thanks for the tips Here ya go
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    Just picked up a ‘97 Mountie

    Needed a new daily driver/dog hauler so $2500 later here she is. 1997 Mountaineer V8 AWD. 150k miles. Owned by the same little old So Cal lady since new. Came with records, four key fobs, and three keys. Runs great and everything works. Took a look underneath, motor and trans are dry, lots of...