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    no 1st gear reverse works fine, rev engine and 1st engages but bangs hard (5r44e)

    Curious what would cause the intermittent loss of 1st(reverse works fine) in a 5r44e ranger??? when 1st does work, after revving lightly, it bangs hard and then 1st gear works fine....otherwise you have to take off in second..Could it be the 1st reverse servo at valve body...??? All Fluid has...
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    Will a 2008 2.3ltr 2wd ranger automatic transmission, fit a 2003 3.0 2wd Mazda b-3000

    Thanks JK080 for the good advice on the last post and I hope you can probably tell me the answer to my next question , ( You guys are all a great help by the way with some excellent advice in many of these posts I have been reading)......My next Question is will an automatic transmission out of...
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    Can a 5r55s be put in place of 5r44e 2003 Mazda b3000 2wd>>(want select shift feature

    Does anyone know if I can replace my tired 5r44e in my B3000(ranger) with a 5r55s model with the ability to shift thru the 5 speeds manually?? What would be involved to install this transmission as opposed to :smoke::smoke:replacing it with the original E model 5r..Is it doable??? Any opinions...