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    Can someone...

    maybe...but I can post on craigslist for free..thought I'd put it on here for the explorer world...ah well..
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    Can someone...

    please tell me why my thread was deleted and if this is the right spot to post for sale?
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    cold air intake write-up

    **watching this thread** I'm interested to see how it looks too.
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    Air Filter

    Don't know if this helps...but I tried to install a cold air kit on my X and it wouldn't run..i mean it did, but you could tell something was amiss.. I think we narrowed it down to the sensor though. If we put the stock air filter and parts in, it runs fine.. I just tossed it out as...
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    Sun Roof Install

    good job on the write me ideas..
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    Tailgate Door Actuator

    Here's a pic of the rear shaved door.. I'll post the inside shots after work.
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    Tailgate Door Actuator

    it might...where at did you find them? I'll take a gander..
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    glasspacking 94 Explorer

    I actually do have a glasspack on my explorer with a small echo tip on the end, and it sounds great to me.
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    Tailgate Door Actuator

    I'll take some pics when I get home today.. Right now with no solenoid to pop the rear, I have to climb thru the back to manually open the door (pics will come, I promise) My 30lb solenoid doesn't pop it, and the buddy who had the X before me said it's because it's not strong enough...told...
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    Tailgate Door Actuator

    Sorry...i just realized I needed to clarify a little. I have a shaved tailgate so that I need to hit a button to pop the rear gate..the actuator that actually pops the lock is the one I need to replace. the old one thats on it now is a 35 lb actuator and not enough to pop the lock.
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    Tailgate Door Actuator

    Hey gang.. I'm looking for a 70lb electric actuator used to pop the tailgate open when I hit a button in the front of the x...can anyone point me in some direction as to where I can look? I can't find anything on ebay..
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    '92 X Won't Crank..Electrical..

    OK it's called a "Starter Solenoid Relay" and O'reilly's has it for $25 w/lifetime warranty (Borg Worner) or $10 for 1 year.. So after work, I'll be replacing that part in the parking If that doesn't get anything going, anyone else got an idea?
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    '92 X Won't Crank..Electrical..

    Got to lookin, and the solenoid on the firewall is noticeably cracked. What exactly is this part called? I'll be replacing it, but not sure the name. For 5 extra bonus points, whats the part number from oreilly's, autozone or NAPA (only 3 choices I have here in town)
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    '92 X Won't Crank..Electrical..

    Hey gang.. Yesterday the problems began when I got in the explorer and turned the lights, no dash crank. Tried to jump it, and it would act like the battery was just dead because it wouldn't crank over while trying to jump it. So I took the battery out and had it...
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    How to wire up shocking device on cd player

    That's from "Liar, Liar" where the ol' lady is tellin Jim Carrey that story...sues for like 5 million and tells jim "was that fair".. he says "no, Ida got him 10..." IMO, put an alarm on it and deal with the ramifications if they get away with it... You can also call your local police...
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    Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    Think I found the problem.. went tearin into it really quick and after checkin around, saw that it appears the cable that attaches to the temp selector is broke off. In other's not attached..LOl I'll keep you all updated.
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    Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    ok I burped her on my lunch break and topped off the radiator.. still no hot air. I did, however, top off with water, as I just added straight antifreeze this morning..don't know if that matters, but I did put about a quarter-gallon of water in it.. the more and more I play with it, i...
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    Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    Question..on this door fix thats all over here...which way should the door be for heat? I'm going to check on this as well because I can't honestly say I can tell if the door is opening or closing to allow the air to blow over the heater core, so i'm gonna spend about 10 minutes to tear into it...
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    Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    OK I'll burp her tonite when I get home from work...what puzzles me is that it worked driving home last night, ya know? I wonder if the cold is affecting that door-fix that's on it's too cold to switch over to the heater core air or something.
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    Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    I let it run once I started it for about 5 minutes and then it took me about 20 minutes to drive to work on the ice/snow...the temp on the thermostat is 190 I's been a year...LOL The gauge goes from about the "A" in Normal...down to the "O"....that'll show ya what kind of swing it...
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    Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

    hey gang..been awhile since I've been in here, but I'm at a loss, and you guys rock at this kind of stuff... Problem is, it was 15 degrees this morning driving 30 minutes to work...and no hot air! I froze my tail off!! The water pump has been recently replaced, and it was blowing hot air...
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    CEL Flashing..Killed X..Refired Fine

    Anyone know off the top of their head what would cause the CEL to flash a few times, then the X dies....pulled off the highway and stopped...the X refired and drove home just we're afraid to go anywhere.
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    Where do I start?

    Sorry that it's been awhile since I've posted an's been hectic! A few days ago I finally got the chance to break down and buy some motorcraft spark plugs...I gapped them all to .054 per the Ford Dealership tells me...put them all in (about an hours worth of work)...and off I...
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    91 4.0ohv motor swap

    ...and a cold case of beer always speeds things up nicely...LOL
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    Re-manufactured Engine Suggestions

    It's close to the 2K mark...but you do get the name and the warranty with Jasper: Pricing and Availability: The Price Is: $2535.00 Core Deposit For This Unit Is: $300.00 Skid Deposit For This Unit Is: $15.00 Sold On An Exchange Basis w/Jasper Receiving Old Unit As A Core. Product...