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    1999 Eddie Bauer Subwoofer busted

    Resurrecting an older thread, but how difficult was it to use the Kenwood KFC-XW800F with the stock enclosure? Did it require any wiring changes.......... Thanks.
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    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    MustangP51, Nearly two years after your original post, I want to say thanks. I'm not doing the LED thing, but it was very helpful in just replacing the stock bulbs. Great work! Don
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    Steering shaking

    Did you have it aligned after changing out all the parts?
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    ABS light problem with an 01 Explorer Sport after replacing the front brakes.

    Forgot to add.. the service tech said that he had found a lot of metal in the brake fluid when changing out the master cylinder. He speculated some of the filings, metal may have moved to a sensor located near the master cylinder. Not sure which sensor that might be.
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    ABS light problem with an 01 Explorer Sport after replacing the front brakes.

    Took my 01 back to the dealership once the problem resurfaced despite the new master cylinder. Since they couldn't get the ABS light on, couldn't diagnose anything. Sigh. I took the vehicle home. Next day, light came on, drove back to service dept w/o stopping engine. They pulled code for a bad...
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    ABS light problem with an 01 Explorer Sport after replacing the front brakes.

    I have the same problem. The only qualifier being that the brake pedal shuddering has only ever happened at slow parking lot speeds. Does this match your problem? very intermittent problem. But the ABS light comes on immediately afterwards as the ABS becomes inactive. I had a dealer look at...
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    OIl Gauge Problem

    I had similar problems. It was cured by changing out the oil pressure sending unit. I read here of several other people experiencing the same problem with the same solution. A bit worrisome when the oil gauge doesn't move........... Don
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    Embarassed to be asking...........

    Well, I guess I'll try pulling instead of twisting. Aint going down in flames over a light bulb....... Don
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    Embarassed to be asking...........

    Wish I could be signing someone else's name, but how do I replace the courtesy dome light bulb in my '01 Explorer. Got the lens off, the bulb retainer LOOKS to turn for release, but I've applied pressure up to the point I fear it will break. What am I missing here? Thanks for any pointers. Don
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    Another ABS question

    Sounds like a good idea if brake dust can cause a false reading. That might also explain the increasing frequency.
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    Another ABS question

    Thanks for the response. Well, I am the DIY type but currently living where it's not really practical.Kinda hate that but what can you say? I'm mostly curious if all the folks who have dealt with the ABS light also experienced some other symptoms. Or am I actually looking at two problems...
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    Another ABS question

    I've looked through the ABS related threads here and have not yet seen the same set of circumstances. I've had an '01 4.0 Explorer for the last year. I've had an occasional ABS light which is becoming more frequent. More to the point, perhaps 6-8 times over the last 7 months I've had a definite...