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  1. J

    Lowered 1994 explorer sport parts - dropped beams

    how much for the beams shipped to 02892
  2. J

    For Sale First Gen Lifts, winch bumper, and other goodies

    interested in the lift, you can email me directly at kcdeib92 @ gmail . com just put explorer lift as the subject or whatever, i never really get on here much and emails go right to my phone. thanks man.
  3. J

    First Gen Tan Leather Seats

    I wish it wasnt such a long drive for me (I live in RI) or I would come get them, my 91 seats are ripped up =( anyway if you ever wanted to, would you be willing to pull the leather covers off and ship them to me? and do whatever with the rest of the seat? ha i figured its worth a shot, if so...
  4. J

    Leftover Explorer Parts

    Interested if you have a sunroof in one of them? What about an ac compressor?
  5. J

    For Sale A few 1st gen parts for sale

    How much for the AC compressor shipped to 02892?
  6. J

    For Sale mostly first gen parts

    how much for the f150 coil seats shipped to 02892, im guessing you could put them in a small flat rate box
  7. J

    First gen stuff for sale...

    did the coils end up selling?
  8. J

    First gen stuff for sale...

    how much would shipping be on the coils to 02892?
  9. J

    Wanted Looking for a Body Lift

    looking for a 3inch body lift for my 91 explorer automatic, let me know if you have one for sale
  10. J

    Parting out 94 Eddie Bauer

    do you think you could get a picture of it, just to see how bad it is
  11. J

    Parting out 94 Eddie Bauer

    how much would shipping be to 02892
  12. J

    Parting out 94 Eddie Bauer

    you wouldnt happen to have the sunroof shade, or the cargo cover for the rear? if so let me know and there are a few small parts that wouldnt make sense to buy on their own
  13. J

    Wanted Body Lift for a 91 Explorer

    I have a 91 explorer and I'm looking to do a 3inch body lift and figured i might be able to find a kit here, let me know if you have one. you can email me at or PM me on here thanks
  14. J

    Just a quick question

    oh alright, thanks. yeah i know getting them new wouldnt be doable but i just wanted to know what a good price to ask for them was
  15. J

    Just a quick question

    What is the going rate on a set of factory f150 coil spacer, to do a lift in the front? what im asking is how much are they worth?
  16. J

    2in Lift

    do you only want coils? i have f150 coil spacers if youre interested
  17. J

    Budget Lift

    yeah, i definitely think that it wont be hard to put a kit in, i mean its just replacement parts.
  18. J

    Budget Lift

    That does make sense, I wanted a lift kit so bad but then my friend had all of parts I needed, the duff brackets a good find in my opinion, and I got f150 coil spacers with the shocks and the shocks are brand new. Just take time and piece it together, It will be more worth it and you will gain...
  19. J

    Budget Lift

    i pieced together my lift kit, i paid 200 for 4inch coils, drop pitman arm, radius arm drop brackets, a set of good ex springs (no sag) and axle pivot brackets which i recently found out were actually duff brackets, and 2 front shocks. i need to buy adjustable camber bushings, srear shocks...
  20. J

    Wanted Warrior Shackle Info and other lift questions

    Alright so here goes, I have a 4inch lift that I want to put in, I have all of the stuff for the front of the ex its a 91 eddie bauer, I want to make shackles but I want them to be like the WAR153 shackles, if someone could give me the dimensions of the shackles that would be awesome, I plan on...
  21. J

    New here, just got my explorer this week

    Thanks guys, I need to get this thing washed soon before all of the road salt starts to get to it, I'm gathering the rest of the parts that I am going to need to do the lift. I have the drop brackets, the pitman arm, the coils, and a coil spacer, I need to get some brake lines and stuff for the...
  22. J

    New here, just got my explorer this week

    Hey everybody, I've been on The Ranger Station for a little while, and I traded my Ranger the other day for a 1991 Explorer Eddie Bauer, it's got the a4ld in it, but it doesn't slip at all, it only has 144k on it and there is no rust on it, it came from California the seats are torn in the front...