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  1. New Album

    New Album

  2. K

    gas in intake mainifold (help!)

    thanks for your help, it was the fuel pressure regulator, it went bad then forcing air through what was supposed to be the vaccume line.
  3. K

    gas in intake mainifold (help!)

    I am currently having issues with my air/fuel. I took some things apart and hereis what I found. The 91 explorer starts sometimes but usually idels rough and stalls. I took off the air filter hose off of the front the intake byt he throttle body. When I looked inside the intake manifold there...
  4. K

    Anyone with the JL 12w7's?

    how much is an 12 w 7?
  5. K

    some new good pics of my truck!!

    did you just paint over everything or did you wirebrush clean the metal first?
  6. K

    About To Do Radius Arm Bushings, What Should I Look Out For?

    i had to grind down the rivet head and then use a big punch and hammer. Knock out the rivet(whats left). Then pull the radius arms foward enough to slip on the new bushings I used a come-a-long.
  7. K

    Size DOES matter!!!!!

    how much and where did you get it?
  8. K

    NEW PICTS!!!!!!!!

    where did the winch mount come from? was it hard to install? would the stock bumper go back on or can you cut a hole 2x2 inch hole in it and put it infront of the hitch. So if you looked at the truck straight on, you would see the normall bumper witha hitch reciever coming out of it.
  9. K

    Seriousstuck need help!!

    try to dig under in enough to get a small floor jack under there someplace. Jack it up and throw as much stuff as u can under the tires. Do all 4 tires then try to drive out with someone pulling you. Works for me. good luck. you'll need a bunch of 2x4 pieces or something to put the jack on so it...
  10. K

    my early bronco (done)

    What size lift do you have on it?tires? I think the light pastel colors look awesome on the old bronco's. I think i may have spotted one sitting in the back of a used car dealership! I'll stop and ask about it tomorrow. :eek:
  11. K

    breaking in new cat for emissions?

    how much did it cost to have to cat replaced? Mine also failed a while back. (private inspection passed it). Dec. i have to get it inspected again:mad: I may have to get a new cat also. I don't have an egr valve.
  12. K

    problems overheating in sand

    Do you let air out of your tires? I aired down to 15-20 psi and my truck overheated and the tranny boiled over and almost fried. I air down to 10-11 psi now no problems. (on soft beach sand)
  13. K

    my early bronco (done)

    You did what i am planning to do. I've been looking for an early bronco to fix up myself. I drive all day (cable company) and am always on the prowl for an old beast to fix up. Last week i found 2 old bronco's and an 87 landcruiser. I know the cruiser is for sale. One bronco i asked the guy...
  14. K

    Am I completely Crazy to even think of this???

    i think it is possible, i think Namity did it. I would also like to do it.
  15. K

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    how does 4th of july weekend sound? Sunday july 6th. I'm shure most people have off that weekend? or june 29th even? either is good
  16. K

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    I think i may be in chicago at that time? June 1st or june 22nd may be better.
  17. K

    blew out wheel bearing.

    I've had a clunking sound coming from my front leftwheel for about a few weeks or so. The past few days it sounded like a had a rock stuck between the rotor and brake dust shield. Today it finally got really bad, going around corners it sounded like my wheel was loose like the lugnuts were...
  18. K

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    I'm game i live about 20 min from ocean county. SUNDAY would be best. Any Sunday is good the sooner the better. I'm up for the wheeling also. Cruise em and then bruise em.
  19. K

    2in suspension and 2in body lift?

    I currently have a 2in coil spacers, warrior shackles and add-a-leaf. Procomp es3000 2in lift shocks. 32 bfg m/t on 8in rim. I am thinking of going with a body lift. 3inch is too big, too much gap for me. So 2 inch is probably my choice. What else will i have to change if i do a body lift...
  20. K

    Now THAT'S one stuck J**P!!

    I'm shure we all have done some dumb wheeling once. If not then whats the fun of it. If you go out to go 4 wheeling you should expect to break or damage something. :roll:
  21. K

    Broken Gas Gauge

    better start setting your trip-odometer, and following your milage. Mine stopped working about 2 years ago, keep an eye on your miles and fill up everytime you get gas.
  22. K

    island state beach whoops

    I had the tranny fluid all drained and changed monday. They drained the torque converter and did filters. I had the tranny rebuilt at 124k or so. It has 178k now. I had no problems since then we waited about 2 hours filled the tranny back up and i drove home. The ranger was cool with it didn't...
  23. K

    Morrisey0 (Robb)

    The X looks BIG, what kind of suspension do you have on the front? is it a solid axle?
  24. K

    Installing spacers

    i have no pics, but i can advise that you unbolt your front sway bar/stabilizer thing(it allows more travel space). You probably need a lot of WD-40. 2 people and a long steel bar. There is a huge bolt that is inside of the spring that needs to come off. When off use the the long bar as...
  25. K

    comments on this intake

    i got the same deal from e-bay also. Same people actually. I have a 93 X. I paid 109 for the complete air intake and s/h. I am happy with it! Between 2-3000 rpm it has a slight whistle to it. My truck is a bit more responsive now.