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    Doublemint Twin Explorers!

    LOL I love the suggestion! And I have found that my dealership wasn't crazy to advertise the second vehicle as "gray." According to the paint codes, they are "Mineral Gray Metallic."
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    Doublemint Twin Explorers!

    Many thanks!!!
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    Doublemint Twin Explorers!

    I like that idea! Right now, they are our respective daily-drivers. I'm looking forward to when she and I both show up at church, etc., in separate vehicles before a lot of folks realize we drive almost identical trucks LOL.
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    Doublemint Twin Explorers!

    Thank you, and LOL sport97...the mix-up has not happened...YET, that is. I haven't gotten a license plate on the newest one yet, but I did go ahead and slap a couple of "CERT" decals on it (I volunteer with a local Community Emergency Response Team effort); also, mine has a front license plate...
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    Doublemint Twin Explorers!

    I'm a brand-new member here, really enjoying the forum so far. My wife bought our first Explorer, a 2005 XLS, back in 2008 and it's quickly become a family favorite. My daughter bought her first vehicle, a 1999 XLT V8, just a few months ago. And, just this past week, when my 1990 Isuzu...
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    New To The Site

    Greetings, all. I found this site via a Google search after adding a third Explorer to my immediate family's vehicle line-up. I like the "blog" format, having posted on mostly firearms-related blogs over the past several years. My wife bought a 2005 Explorer XLS in 2008 and I've been hooked...