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    DTR sensor change...

    I mangled mine when I adjusted my bads. Was able to order one from the following site: Installation was easy. They delivered via UPS in one day to NY from NJ.
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    Code p1780 O/D light blinking

    Check this link: Could be a Tranny Range Sensor?
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    ANOTHER 5R55E problem after valve body rebuild!!!

    BB has a good point, did you use a decent torque wrench? For the intermediate band it should be backed off 2.0 turns from 120 in.-lbs. for a 99 (2.5 turns for 95-98).
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    5R55E heat shield?

    I was able to swing it in position on my 99 Ex. I did not unbolt it, just pushed it away from the tranny pan. See the following post for pictures. Maybe one of the clamps is bent?
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    ANOTHER 5R55E problem after valve body rebuild!!!

    Just a quick thought, the intermediate band is only applied in 3rd gear. Maybe try adjusting this band and see what happens?
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    Transmission Slip Help please, new owner!!

    Sounds like it could be valve body related. Read the following thread:
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    5R55E alignment pins/dowels?

    On Pg 110 you will see the two alignment pins. They actually fit into two of the bolt holes ("C" and one of the "D" bolt holes). I picked up two SS shanked bolts to attach the VB to the tranny at these holes. The shanked bolts fit tight on the .235 alignment hole and a little loose on the .248...
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    5R55E alignment pins/dowels?

    Not necessary if you are careful. See this post:
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    Transmission fluid help please

    Check when engine is at normal operating temp (or driven over 20 miles). If driven for very long distance, alot of city traffic or trailing then let cool 30 minutes before checking level. Check on level surface with engine running, parking brake on and then shift through all the gears and end in...
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    Transmission fluid help please

    What year is your Explorer?
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    98 Explorer/ Nothing in Drive or reverse??

    My 5R55E manual describes that this code is a SS3/SS4/OD band failure giving the symptom of no 2nd or 5th gear. This points to shift solenoids 3 or 4 and or possible the front band. Have you tired driving in manual 1st or 2nd? I would drop the pan and inspect for any damage and adjust the...
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    98 Explorer/ Nothing in Drive or reverse??

    Start by getting the codes pulled. You will need a scanner that can pull the extended Ford codes (most auto parts stores will do this for free if you can your Ex there). On my 99 I could pull the tranny pan if I drop the drive shaft first, this gave enough wiggle room to get the pan out. Post...
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    part # for tc solenoid?

    Looks like it is the whole solenoid block on the "W". See the following link for the replacement procedure: vendors...
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    5r55e shift problems

    Read the following threads a few times:
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    96 Explorer tranny problem

    Looks like band anchors... if you have not played with the band adjustment then it might indicate a broken band. See the following link for pictures. Looks like you might need a rebuild.
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    5r55e problem

    This is the procedure on the 99 x for the cable/bracket adjustment Cable/Bracket Adjustment 1. Place the gearshift lever in the (D) position and hang a 3.6 kg (8 lb) weight on the gearshift lever. 2. Raise and support the vehicle 3. Disconnect the transmission shift cable from the...
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    5r55e transmission ??

    Possibly a forward clutch issue and could also be valve body related. I would start with a filter and fluid change along with adjusting the bands. May want to retorque the valve body bolts also when the pan is down. start simple
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    trouble with my 5R55E transmission

    If the OD light is flashing then a code should be posted. Try another store to retreive the codes.
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    trouble with my 5R55E transmission

    First get the codes thrown with the flashing OD light. Most auto parts stores will do this for free.
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    5R55W&S Link

    Found a nice link on the 5R55W&S:
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    2002 Mountaineer Transmission Problems OD light flashing

    P0732 Gear 2 Incorrect ratio P1000 OBD-II Monitor Testing Incomplete A shift kit might help:
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    Transgo rivet. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! 4R44E

    I have no experience w/ the Transgo kit, found the following link but it does not offer much help as far as the rivet is concern: Maybe try giving Transgo a call and get their advice?
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    Transgo rivet. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! 4R44E

    This thread has some info on the Transgo kit:
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    part I got

    If you go in again, I would re-torque the VB bolts to the high end of the spec and adjust the bands if you have not done so already. Get new band xxxx(nuts) before adjusting the bands. Thanks BB for the catch. Below is a picture of a used vs. new band nut. Best to change them when...
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    part I got

    I would get a new reverse servo cover gasket (~1-2 $) and still would consider a shift kit. Remember to use the following thread also: I got the drain plug from my local Advance Auto store. A new solenoid bracket may be also...