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    Has anyone added wireless cell phone charging to their 3rd gen?

    Have any of you folks added a wireless cell phone charger to your 3rd gen at all? I've seen some other vehicles with a wireless charger added in some fashion. I have a "vision" but not sure if it'll fully work. Ideally, I'd like to put a wireless charger in that blank spot just below the HVAC...
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    Oil & Filter Choice?

    For me, using the synthetic blend in my Mustang GT is simply because that's what it's always had. I bought that car new, and from day 1 I've used the Motorcraft synth blend per the manual. It's worked for me so "why upset the apple cart", ya know? Not sure why I won't move up to full synth on...
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    Oil & Filter Choice?

    For my V6 Explorer, I've been using the Mobil 1 full synthetic high mileage and a Motorcraft filter. For my Mustang GT, I've always used Motorcraft synthetic blend and Motorcraft filter. The filter is the same between the two vehicles, so that's kinda helpful.
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    How to: Cold air in glove box -OR- No air flow from vents on Max AC - Here's a workaround

    I'll need to try and tackle this. My '03 has good temperature and good vent position, but the pressure coming out of the vents is horrible IMO. If I have the fan speed set on 4, I can't feel any air flow from the vents if I place my hand at 6" from the vent. But it sure sounds like it's pushing...
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    05 XLT high 209K miles

    I bought my '03 XLT nearly 3 years ago with 167,500 on the clock. Today it rolled over 219K. Since I've owned it, I've put the Mobil 1 full synthetic high mileage in it (5 qt jug is about $27 at Walmart). For my 2003 Mustang GT...I bought that car new and it has always had Motorcraft synthetic...
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    Door ajar light on

    It could be a couple other things. The more "complicated" one is that there's a wire in the harness that's broken. Usually inside the rubber boot near the door hinges. The "easier" one is that it's the door latch assembly. Yes, you may have tried the WD40 trick, but sometimes that still isn't...
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    Cold air intake and k and n air filter?

    I had one of K&N's cold air kits on my Mustang GT. It really didn't seem to make a lick of difference in the power department. I switched back to the factory air assembly and still felt no difference. I kinda got sick of cleaning the filter...just seems easier for me to just change the filter now.
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    Another day, another Explorer problem....

    Are you trying to engage the 4x4 LOW properly? Mine does the same thing, and before I was told the right way, I also thought something was wrong. Someone here said that the vehicle has to be completely stopped with foot on the brake pedal, the transmission must be in neutral, and then press the...
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    Painting rear applique

    I did it on my last '03. It came out just was passable; it wasn't perfect but it looked a lot better than the bare primer color it was before I painted it. The part was already in primer so I first wiped that down with some rubbing alcohol to clean it up a bit, then I just got a...
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    June EF Lottery

    Ahh, the Outer Banks. Wonderful area for vacationing...just relax and do next to nothing. I'll be headed down there this weekend, in my '03 XLT, for a week of relaxation. My girlfriend rented the same house as she did last year...and I drove the Explorer down there then as well. I was a little...
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    Big Rust Hole Rear Passenger Panel Fixable?

    Do you have a picture of the hole? That might help in determining if there's anything else you could do.
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    Brake pad and rotor recommendation?

    For what it's worth, I've always used the Motorcraft semi-metallics on my 2003 Mustang GT over the years...I bought the car new and it's on it's 4th set right now (177K miles later). Also Motorcraft/Brembo rotors. I tend to stick with Ford/Motorcraft stuff for that car in general. My '03...
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    180,000 and going strong!

    Keep up on the maintenance and you'll be good to go! I'm coming up on 209K on my '03 XLT and it's still going strong as well. I had 334K on my previous '03 XLT...a deer killed that one though. Both of them are even the 4.0L V6!
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    Remote Entry Question...

    FYI, if you didn't know already, there is a black rubber-ish button to the right of the tailgate handle that will release the hatch glass. It's not very apparent and does seem rather tucked gotta kinda feel around for it or squat down and look up at the handle area.
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    Congrats! I hit that milestone a few months ago, just turned over 207K this past weekend, and still climbin'. :) I do have to address a P0430 for emissions by April but other than that, still going strong.
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    2002 Explorer doesn't shift into 4wd

    Well, thank you for this, and the instructions. My '03 is lacking an owner's manual and as long as I've owned this one, I just assumed the truck had to be in PARK to switch between 4x4 modes. I would put it in park and it would go into 4 HI just fine, but 4 LOW always resulted in the light on...
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    Rear signal and brake lights not working.

    It probably is just one. I couldn't remember if it was one or two per lens... Beyond the bulbs, I personally do not have any other knowledge on what to check for. Maybe just check if the wiring going into the bulb sockets is in good shape? Someone else will have to chime in on any further...
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    Rear signal and brake lights not working.

    The bulbs are quite an easy fix really. Open the tailgate and on the side of each light housing, there are 2 Philips-head screws. Remove the screws and then pull the light assembly away from the body of the vehicle (just need to do a little finagling; it's not bad). Then the light sockets are on...
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    Rear Door Lock Question...not sure if its an issue.

    Well, interesting...I don't spend much time in the back seat of mine, so I went and tried. Sure enough, the rear doors do not open if the door locks are engaged. But the front doors do open with the doors locked. I can only surmise that this is by design, but does seem a bit risky of a design...
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    I miss my Explorer.

    ...and here I had gotten chastised a few years ago (I think it was another forum though) for having a quarter-pallet of flagstone loaded into the back of my '03...and that was only 600 lbs.
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    Rear Door Lock Question...not sure if its an issue.

    Can the rear locks be unlocked manually (i.e., pushing on the actual lock switch)? I can't remember if that's normal behavior or not...the rear doors not opening when locked. I remember years ago in cars, if the door was locked, you had to unlock them to exit the vehicle. But I know as of late...
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    05 dumped coolant

    If they're anything like the intake manifolds for the 4.6L in the Mustang, they're made of plastic. On the first iterations of the Mustang's 4.6L, it was all plastic...and this plastic was prone to cracking at the crossover where the thermostat sits. Sometime around 2001 (I think?), Ford...
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    03 4.6 BAD MPG... NO CODES?

    Okay...first, how much fuel do you ACTUALLY fill the tank with when you refuel? I'd pay attention to that, because I doubt you're using all 22.5 gallons each time you first determining the actual mileage is key here. I have a V6 in my XLT and I'll get between 17-20 mpg depending on...
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    Bad misfire at idle...

    Okay, this kind of bothers me. Why is this a thing now? Why aren't all gas stations on the same level, even within the same brand? This "Top Tier" nonsense just seems so ridiculous to me. I can only surmise one answer... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    In-Channel Window Deflector or Outside?

    I have the WeatherTech visors, which go in the window channel, and they've been great as long as I've had them (3 years). Once they're in there, they are quite snug and won't shift or slip out of the channel. If you need to remove them, they will come out with slight pulling but they do stay in...