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    Sync Applink?

    Just an update... The guy initially said they were working on it...then someone else tweeted he'd heard it all before from the same guy a year ago...then he tweeted again saying he meant they were rolling out the applink for sync in Europe, not MFT...but were "working on it" but couldn't...
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    Navigation system traffic data

    I had the something similar happen... The speed limit signs that show up on some highways...well here in Canada it's obviously km/h but on my way close to the US border but still in Canada one of the roads came up in mp/h when I had just travelled it the same day and it was in kp/h...strange...
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    Sync Applink?

    Applink coming to MFT! From the twitter feed: @idamaster When is MFTouch going to offer apps.crzy the top of the line system has the least functionality. Also, why the hate for Canada? Julius Marchwicki @idamaster understand the frustration, working on it for MFT and Canada...
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    Glitches, strange behaviour...2013 MFT

    It's a Zune I'm using...I tried it on the old and updated firmware and issues still have arose... However, we are good for a couple of days now!
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    Glitches, strange behaviour...2013 MFT

    What also is a joke is that the factory reset isn't a factory reset... it only resets the phone connection and a couple of other things from what I can stations, sirius stations are still kept
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    Glitches, strange behaviour...2013 MFT

    I just can't believe that in the 2 model years since you had your vehicle, they are barely farther ahead... I'm wondering if they purchased a set amount of hardware volume from the OEM of the touchscreen computer and are forced to continue to work with hardware that was never up to 'snuff...
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    Glitches, strange behaviour...2013 MFT

    Hi, I've got a 2013 Explorer XLT with MFT and navigation option... Let me start out saying that I'm a bit of a geek and the MFT was a large part of the decision to go with the's also a looker as well... So far my experience with the MFT has been a mixed bag... Positives...
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    MFT. Who's fault is it?

    Microsoft just provides the OS, not the front end software... Windows embedded is used in everything from industrial automation to terminals... Ford either has terrible software programmers or went with an underpowered CPU and too little memory... I have a 2013 Explorer so it has the latest...
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    2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel

    that's quite naive of you without getting into a political discussion your pocket must hurt everytime you eat a bowl of cereal or fly in a plane... Back on topic I agree with the OP that the diesel offerings from Ford in North America suck
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    AWD vs FWD

    Thanks for the replies. I'll be purchasing a 2013 XLT, 202a package with voice nav. I'll stick with the 18" wheels. I've never considered not getting winter tires, regardless if I get dad has an older GMC SUV with 4x4 but he uses mostly the AWD setting in the winter and says he can...
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    AWD vs FWD

    Hi, I know there has been some discussions on this but I'd appreciate any additional feedback you can give me... I'm in Canada (Toronto area)...obviously we get snow (sometimes a lot). I'm undecided between an AWD XLT with 202a and voice nav vs. FWD LTD with voice nav The dealer is...