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    My 2004 Explorer Project

    Well I had Big plans for the truck and loved it. Was about to paint the wheels black...then i heard the timing chain and am going to get rid of it as my father said he wont fix a timing chain on an explorer due to pulling the motor and said i can buy ja new motor or a new truck so stopping here...
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    My 2004 Explorer Project

    So within a week of owning this explorer i decided i could not stand the stock stereo and upgraded to a 6.2" display pioneer Next i decided to add a Push Bar. I decided on a Go Rhino 3000 series Then came the sub woofers I bought two Rockfordfosgate Punch P3x12's which came in...
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    My 2004 Explorer Project

    Hey Guys...I am a new member to the forum only picked this truck up 2-3 months ago So i just wanted to share my progress on it as i go...I am only a 17 year old kid so kind of a budget build here have done some work just need to get some pictures and ill post them some things that were...