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    1990 bronco 4wd tranny fit a 93 explorer

    I got a 93 explorer auto 4wd will a 9093 bronco automatic trans 4wdfit fit if I change bellhousings
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    trans compatibility

    Hi I got a 93flip explorer 4x4and my question is what tranny can I get to fit it cause there is a bunch of 89 and 88 mustang a4ld tranny I didn't know if I could just change bellhousings or something thanx for the info in advance
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    Interchange tranny?

    Hi I got a 93 explorer auto trans it burnt clutch so need new one so my question is will a a 97 explorer trans fit I know transfer case is different bit what bout just the trans and I could put my transfer case on the 97
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    Transmission leak prob help plz

    Hi o got the 93 expylorer 4x4 Eddie bauer edition. Well it got a leak on passengear side of transmssion out of one of the two circle things that are right beside the vacuum diaphrm and was wondering if they can be removed or replaced thank u I appreciate all help they've got like a plus sign...